Who’s Your Daddy?



“I have everything a father could want, I don’t need anything” – All Dads Everywhere

Oh Come on Dad!  It’s OK to have ONE day out of the year where you can say:
“Yeah, I work hard, I do a lot… a little recognition, love and respect would be nice!”

LBD absolutely agrees!

  As a young man, with hopes of one day becoming a father, I’m absolutely on board!

 Hello!  Mr. LBD junior here.  The ladies have given me another opportunity to let you know “what a guy” wants and it’s not a tie!  Newflash…most of us don’t have to wear them as often anymore.  When we do…we like to pick out our own.

Father’s Day is the day to honor our fathers for being the number one guy in our lives.  The man we are so proud to claim…no matter how goofy he can be at times!



 Washington State celebrated the nation’s first statewide Father’s Day on June 19, 1910 after the urging of a daughter raised by her widower father, to churches and businesses in her town.  The holiday was not a success and many florist said it was because money isn’t spent on flowers for dads.

Slowly, the holiday spread.  In 1916, President Wilson honored the day by using telegraph signals to unfurl a flag in Spokane when he pressed a button in Washington, D.C.  In 1924, President Calvin Coolidge urged state governments to observe Father’s Day.

Well, it may have gotten off to a slow start but we do it up right now every year on the 3rd Sunday in June.




What he truly wants this Father’s Day is…YOU!  After all, you are the reason he celebrates this day proudly and claims the title of a father! 

He’s already got us, and WE want to get him a gift more than he wants to receive one.   We want to give him something the two of us can connect with, something he can use or something with sentimental meaning.  Here are a few ideas my Dad would actually use and may even be entertained by.



What a cool accessory to add to the kitchen, bar area, or of course your Dad’s man cave!  A bottle opener always comes in handy!  With this one mounted on the wall,  you won’t have to dig through that drawer mixed with all kinds of  “unnecessary” utensils.   Nor will you have to rely on someone having an opener on their keys – is that even still a thing?  Best of all, the magnetic backboard is so cool!   It catches the bottle caps when they’re popped!  What a nice way to keep track of how many tops have been popped.  You know, if someone else in the house is counting!



Even if you are not a Dad and you are just one cool dude, or know a cool dude…he needs this!

See This Magnetic Bottle Opener 



What about if you’ve got a Dad who wants to savor every drop of the “adult beverage” above and wants to impress others with his “frosty” pour?

Screen Shot 2017-06-06 at 7.52.27 PM

Check Out These Monti Frosted Beer Glasses



Having pets, espceially cats or dogs, around the house is great!  They’re good company, they can provide you a reason to get outside, and they are one more thing to absolutely love!  My entire family, and whether he’ll admit it or not, my Dad, does love our two dogs!  However, he does NOT love the amount of hair they shed every day.  No matter the time of year, my Dad finds himself sweeping the foyer, the kitchen floor, back indoor patio, I mean everywhere!  Allow me to encourage investing in a robotic vacuum cleaner to handle this pesky chore.  This would allow my Dad to relax and ONLY enjoy the benefits of having that loving pet.  These vacuums clean up more than just pet hair.  What an all-around awesome gift… Mom will thank you too!


See Our Choice For A Robotic Vac 



My Dad would love nothing more than to have me accompany him by the grill. Sharing a beverage and catching up, all while he shares his endless wisdom and experience of being “the” grill master!  Nothing says “Man of the Grill” like a nice, new, fully equipped Grilling Tool Set.  The food you’ll be grilling with your Dad is an added bonus that everyone gathered for his special day will love.



 Take A Look At The Grill Tools Set



Throw in some of these seasonings below to help dad lock down his go-to recipe!



Get These Spices And Sauce On The Way



 Speaking of getting everyone involved and spending quality time together, a Stovetop Pizza Oven is perfect for getting creative and enjoying the benefits of Dad’s efforts.   This is a unique and desirable appliance.  Perhaps it can even earn a spot on the kitchen counter?  Pizza nights can turn into movie night, game night, or both if a big game is on!  Fathers everywhere would love something like this!  They may not know it exists.  Why else would they not have one already?  I mean…who doesn’t like pizza?!


Go All Out With A Stovetop Pizza Oven


As I mentioned in the beginning of this post, Father’s Day is about honoring your father for always being there for you, taking care of you, sharing wisdom with you, and ultimately being the best father-figure out there!

A father’s job, amongst countless other things, is preparing you for everything life is going to throw at you.

So while they deserve more than just one day out of each year to be recognized, make sure you give them what they want most, which is you.  Your time, a big hug and thank you.



Get ready to say Happy Father’s Day to all the incredible dads out there.

I know I sure have a great one!

Thinking about creating a “special” place in your home for Dad?  We can help!

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    1. The credit goes to Kristen’s soon to be hubby, Dane but we will call him Mr.LBD junior!. Blogging takes a village and we are so glad he is part of the team!

  1. I had to laugh when I saw “Who’s your daddy ?” That’s what I ask my kittens. Mama is getting fixed today.

  2. Nice ideas, but as a Dad who loves golf, I’d want some golf stuff. That new Epic driver by Callaway is a good place to start LOL. Or maybe a package of golf lessons to help with the game. More than that have my boys set-up a tee time where all of us would spend the day on the course playing a round and then spending time in the 19th hole reminiscing about the days when we all lived in the same house and I was in charge. Then after a few cocktails discussing who is the better golfer. I’m just saying!

    1. Oh my son the PGA golf instructor loves the way you think! Pass on the blog to those boys…and shine up your clubs! Happy Father’s Day to you!

    2. Wouldn’t the new Epic Driver be something!?! What a great piece of equipment!
      But is it the club or the golfer?
      Instead of buying the game and a $500 driver, maybe a series of 3 lessons from a PGA Professional would pay off more effectively?

      1. Oh boy, I can see we need to do a golf post! I guess since clubs have to be stored in our perfect LBD’s…we can work one in! What do you all think?

  3. Good read! Grilling is something a dad of ANY age can get into. Always a gadget or spice out there tonadd to the tool box!

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