Tub vs Shower- TMI ?

Are You A Tub Or A Shower Person?

Marble subway tile behind claw foot tub with black painted surface
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Bathroom projects are big.  Every home has one and others have multiple baths.  Except in rare cases, the bathrooms we get calls about are in functional condition. But that’s not all we want from the smallest rooms in our homes.  Nope, we need them to be the rooms that transform us each day.  Rooms that keep our kids happy and trick them into getting ready for bed.   We long for them to be our private sanctuaries…a “Calgon take me away” spot.  It’s a lot to ask of such small real estate.  Tub vs shower.  That is a big question.

Tub vs Shower

When planning a bath project we ask some personal questions!  To be fair, we’d never ask you anything we wouldn’t share the answer ourselves.  So here we go….“Are you a tub or a shower person?”  While you are pondering your answer let’s take a look at some of our past Friday Favorites. You may just change your mind!

18891061 copy

“I’d love to take enough time out of my busy life to soak a bit each day.  Right now it is just not going to happen!  When it does, a pretty spot and a view are on my wish list.”-Kristen

white freestanding soaking tub with ball crystal chandelier and chinese garden stool
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soaking tub with marble deck and chrome faucets
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“Until then…Showers are for me!”

walk in, zero clearance marble tile shower
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gray marble shower with long bench
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black faucet and shower trim on white marble walk in shower
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shower with mosaic marble floor and accent wall inlay
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marble shower with window
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18891061 (1) copy

“I am among the few who prefer a tub over a shower.  I know, I’ve read all the reasons to not “bathe ” this way.   I’ve always been a bit of a rebel! For me tho, it’s the one thing that relaxes me and I look forward to it as often as possible. However, I do love a good ole outdoor shower!” -Laurel

Outdoor Showers

Dark stone shower with ledge product
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dark wood outdoor shower with pebble floor
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“I do have a soft spot for moody decor and outdoor showers.”

Tub Arched Niche with Freestanding Tub On Black Tile Floor with Gold Mirror and Statement Lighting
via Architectural Digest

My Fav Above!

Modern Black Marble Free Standing Tub
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Wood Rustic Tray Over Trough Soaking Tub
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claw foot tub on worn wood floor with metal product shelf on wall
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rustic bathroom with oval soaking tub with black marble deck
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white bathroom with freestanding soaking tub and fiddle leaf fig
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clawfoot tub in shower enclosure
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standard white tub with succulents
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No matter what the size of your room, or budget, investing in your bath is always a good idea.  Simple updates, a complete remodel,  or a little extra planning with new construction, will all pay off. Enjoy it yourself now and do it for your buyer later.

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