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The phrase al fresco is borrowed from Italian for “in the cool [air]”, although it is not in current use in that language in reference to dining outside.  Instead, Italians use the phrases fuori or all’aperto.[3] In Italian, the expression al fresco usually refers to spending time in jail.  While you are letting this tidbit sink in…let’s talk about dishes!

Retailers, especially online vendors, pay millions to marketing companies to make their products appeal to the masses.  The goal is to sell product.
They are masters at this!  They keep us all drooling and hitting the “Add to Cart” buttons.  It works!  But do we want our decor to look like the Pottery Barn Store all the time?  Too harsh?  Wait, stay with us a minute.

Summer Table Settings
via Pottery Barn

Here is the “enticing you to buy” PB photo for the Lemon and Marble Plates .  Looks fun.  Uses a classic Blue/Yellow theme.  You are going to head right over to the directed screen and order it all…the table cloth, the napkins (please order the blue -the two yellows clash PB!)  Nothing wrong with this plan.  You’ll have a lovely alfresco dinner but you will be just like a lot of other people who also are unloading their PB boxes now.  Perhaps you like to be YOUR OWN market advisor and mix things up a bit.

How about you join the group that will be having lunch at this gal’s table…WOW!  I’m right there with you sister or mister!  Let’s see what she did with her PB dishes.

Tropical Alfresco Dining
via Look Linger Love


Lemons It Is!
via Look Linger Love

Yep…these are the same two PB plates! See how wonderful they look on the blue/white table cloth?  Told you so.

What about that blue and white stripe table cloth?  Pretty nice, huh?  Nope…it’s not because it’s not a tablecloth… it’s two beach towels!  How’s that for multi use products?  Remember our  previous post, POOL PARTY!  where we talked about Pestemal Beach Towels?  These thin Turkish towels come in so many colors and patterns and would make some amazing table cloths.  Any beach towel could be fun and teamed with dishes that won’t break…let the parties begin!

What about a dusk to dark dinner with the same cloths and marble plates?  Simply swap out the lemons with any of these Del Sol cultural beauties.


Cultural Summer Plates
via Pottery Barn


Garden Centerpiece
via AP

Perhaps a garden centerpiece?

Add as many candles as you have clear jars for and set the mood!

Summer Pathway Illuminaries
via Logan Walker



To be fair to PB, and give credit when due, I do think they got this one right!  I’d use these Gray Marble plates in our home and love it.  Especially if that lemon was real and headed to the perfect glass of ice tea.  How chic would this be with a wooden cutting board and knife on the table ready to cut and serve!  I’d use a gray and white stripe towel as my cloth and add some purple flowers. Can’t you just smell the lemons?


Lemon Table Settings
via Pottery Barn



Artisan Wood Cutting Board     Gray Stripped Pestemal Beach Towel





These Fantastic Dishes!



Here is another great example of mass marketing…I always have a carton of broken eggs on my kitchen floor don’t you?  Bet you had to look twice and noticed the rug more than the eggs – I did!  All kidding aside, these runners are fantastic, come in 4 patterns and we recommend them for clients often.  They have been out of stock and we got a notice they were back this week!  I am going to use this one outside this season and bring it in later on.  It’s going to look great wherever it is!


Mediterranean Vinyl Runners


It’s Time For Friday Favorites!


Beach Towel Tablecloths with Outdoor Table Settings

Perfect with Fresh Florals or Chic Centerpieces!



Malachi Glazed Dish Ware


Pink Pestemal Turkish Towel



Orange Pestemal Towel


Pottery Barn Swirl Dinnerware

Have Fun Mixing Up All The Choices!


Round Table?  Don’t worry there’s a towel for that.  Wouldn’t a round towel make sense for a beach picnic too?!



Cream Dish Ware                   Green Dish Ware                   Eddy Beach Towel



Slippa Moana Beach Towel                                       Knots Blue Outdoor Dishes



          Woven Green Dish Ware                               Aztec Beach Towel


Ibiza Dinner Ware                                               Majestic Round Beach Towel

Don’t Forget We’ve All Got The July 4th Bashes Coming Up

Let’s Have Fun With Our Tables!

Thanks for spending another Friday with Us!

See You Next Motivational Monday!





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