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Harrods Wedding Gifts
Harrods Wedding Gift Wrapping

Wedding gifts originated from the notion of a bride price, or dowry, that was paid to the bride’s family.  It usually included land, animals, money, and other forms of historical wealth.  The first recorded dowry was exchanged in 3,000 B.C.  From there, during the next several thousand years, evolved marriage and hope chests, key baskets and finally the registry.  As long as people keep getting married we are going to need gift ideas.  Do you need help with a wedding gift idea?


In 1924 Macy’s created the first registry in which soon to be brides would select their own china, crystal and silver patterns.  Couples today may still place these items on a wedding registry, however, they are more often geared toward everyday use.  Classic, simple patterns that can be used as a foundation to allow a mix of other heirloom and vintage pieces.  Backdrops for the wonderful meals they will make for family and friends.  The idea of using your best for yourselves is the ultimate idea of minimalism so many are striving for today.  Let’s look at two well-known china manufacturers who have evolved to offer patterns couples want.  Let’s be honest about silver.  Our grandmothers, mothers, and we do not like to polish it for the short time it is used.  Why in the world would we want our kids to have to take care of something we dread?  I’m all for flatware that looks good all the time and is a simple pattern to use for all occasions.  I do admit that I am “a silverware snob” and like pieces that are weighted just right.  When our son left home, all he really wanted was our silverware.  Must be in the DNA!

It’s Friday And Here Are Some Favorites!


Wedgewood Classic 5 Piece White Bone China


Lennox Murray Hill 3 Piece Bone China


Villeroy&Boch Chancellor Flatware

Previously, in Not Your Mama’s China we posted thoughts about what couples want today.  Yep, couples…not just the bride.  So as Kristen and Mr. LBD Junior get closer to their special day, it’s time to get more serious about shower and wedding gifts!


Wedding Gift Wrap
Wedding Gift Registry’s – via dhgate

My number one rule when we register is nothing goes on our registry unless we both love it!  It is  also important for us to register for items that we can, and will, use in our new home.

We want our wedding registry to be a reflection of who we are and what we like to do together. One thing myself , and Mr. LBD junior love to do together is cook!  We love to be around our friends and family!  We want to be able to host and entertain as soon as we get home from our honeymoon.

Therefore, we know registering for new cookware is a must to us.  We also would like to have at least a 12 piece dinnerware set and everyday drink ware like wine glasses, beer glasses and high ball glasses.  We do not want to register for any items that are just going to sit in the cabinet and not be used.  We do want to be able to have enough of what we need to make everyone comfortable when at our home.

Nothing sounds more fun to us than running around some of our favorite stores with a scanner gun making dream lists!  Before we finish I want to get some advice.  I have learned from the masters at home (my Mom and Dad) on what they use.  Our home is very special.  Now, with my new career and the set ups we do for so many of our clients, I also see there are some basics that are not as glamorous, or exciting, but are important for any home to function at it’s best.   So I asked my partner, you know that one with 30+ years on me, what she thinks is important for herself.  It is pretty much the same must have list I see us use for clients.

Imagine that!

 Let the fun begin!!

White Gift Boxes
Customize The Gift Wrap – via Pinterest
Couples Wedding Showers
Don’t Forget The Groom – via Pinterest

I Do Wedding Registry 1 06.07.17.png

A: Tervis® Clear 16 oz. Tumbler (Set of 4) – Bed Bath & Beyond
B: Tervis® 12-Ounce Clear Tumbler – Bed Bath & Beyond
C: OXO Good Grips® Salad Spinner – Bed Bath & Beyond
D: Zyliss EasiCan Single Touch Electric Can Opener – Bed Bath & Beyond
E: OXO Good Grips® 12-Inch Tongs with Nylon Heads – Bed Bath & Beyond
F: Real Simple 3-Piece Stainless Steel Mixing Bowl Set – Bed Bath & Beyond
G: Glasslock 14-Piece Food Storage Set in Green/Blue – Bed Bath & Beyond
H: Tabletops Unlimited® 2-Piece Stainless Steel Footed Colander Set – Bed Bath & Beyond
I: J.A. Henckels International Robust Kitchen Shears – Bed Bath & Beyond

I Do Wedding Registry 2 06.07.17.png

J: Bamboo Cotton Comforter | The Company Store
K: Cotton/Bamboo Sheets & Bedding Set | The Company Store
L: Dri-Soft® Bath Towel – Bed Bath & Beyond
M: Real Simple® 6-Pack Antimicrobial Bar Mop Kitchen Towels in Multi – Bed Bath & Beyond
N: Simplehuman® 10X Mini Sensor Travel Mirror – Bed Bath & Beyond
O: Victorinox Swiss Army 13-Slot Swivel Knife Block with Tablet Holder in Espresso – Bed Bath & Beyond
P: Gourmia® Digital Multifunction Portable Induction Cooktop – Bed Bath & Beyond
Q: Staub 7 qt. Round Cocottes – Bed Bath & Beyond
R: Aroma® Professional™ 1.7-Liter Electric Kettle in Stainless Steel – Bed Bath & Beyond
S: Sophie Conran for Portmeirion® Large Storage Jar in White – Bed Bath & Beyond
T: Simple Human Dish Rack- Bed Bath & Beyond

I Do Wedding Registry 3 06.07.17.png

U: Cuisinart Multi-Cooker | Williams Sonoma
V: All-Clad d5 Stainless-Steel Nonstick Omelette Pan | Williams Sonoma
W: Narrow rectangular platter | CB2
X: Frank serving bowl | CB2
Y: Cule server | CB2
Z: Edge Wine Glasses | Crate and Barrel
1: Set of 8 Mercer Square Appetizer Plates | Crate and Barrel
2: KitchenAid® Blade Coffee Grinder and Spice Grinder Pack – Bed Bath & Beyond
3: Cuisinart® Smart Stick® Two-Speed Hand Blenders – Bed Bath & Beyond

Initial Gift Wrap
Personalize The Gift Wrap – via habitan

What I realized, after looking at this list, is that it’s possible to create a true chef’s kitchen at places like Bed Bath & Beyond.  With a little planning about choices, look how wonderful everything looks together.  Sure there are a few splurges on here, and I am sure we will find items we choose to spend more on as we grow into our first home, but overall we can have quality items that will last many years without overspending.  This is something very important to us, especially Mr. LBD Junior.  Gotta love that guy!


For anyone who was counting, there is one more item I think is always personal and it’s # 30 with me.  Wrap it up as lovely as any of the other packages we’ve shown and it is sure to be a big hit!  Congratulations you two!

Wrapping Up Wedding Gifts
Wrap Up The Cash – via Pinterest

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