Even Wonder Woman Has Secrets


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I’ll say it…”Sometimes Canadian’s are just much more cool than Americans.” Yes, this is my opinion and before you agree or disagree, let me show you what I mean.

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Americans and Canadians alike build beautiful kitchens.  Rooms that are the center of our homes.  Where we all want to be.  No matter how many other spaces we prepare for friends and family…we all end up in the kitchen.  I think it’s because this is where the food is!  So let’s give in and quit trying to redirect everyone; let’s plan to use these spectacular rooms in the very best way.  Ikea is on board 100%.

Clean Kitchen with Veggies
via Freshome

Ikea has locations all over the world.  They hire big ad firms like Leo Burnett to come up with ideas that promote good living at a reasonable expense.  I am always fascinated when I get to go and peruse an Ikea warehouse.  They really are ingenious in design and function.

But, Ikea Canada has come up with a promotional idea that is much better than what we’ve done in the states.  It is not available yet, but I know it will be soon. It has to be.  Look at these fill in the ingredient, wrap, cook and serve meals!

Below is the recipe, with instructions and measurements, that is printed on parchment paper.  I never got into the adult coloring book thing, but I am all in to “playing” with food!  See, the maple leafers are just too cool!


Here is the sheet with the food “colored” in.  Go back and look at the blank page…I missed the olive oil the first time.  See it peeking out from under the salmon?  And how clever is the way to use just the right amount of spices.  Just fill in the circles.  More cool.


Fold and cook according to the instructions printed on each sheet.  Uncrumple and serve like you are a Top Chef!




How about a couples’ night in your home?  Give every one a sous chef job, make a few parchment paper ingredient sheets and let everyone make their own entrée.  Plop those packets on a plate, pass out a fork and you have created an evening to remember.  It’s okay to keep the wine flowing because there won’t be a lot of clean up.  Challenge the next host to come up with another parchment pack meal!


Friends Cooking Together
via Her Campus


Because you are a special LBD follower…we will give you this recipe to get started.  Freehand your drawing, or get your crafty kid to do them and start choosing the music for the night. (Note:  Do your research on non toxic ways to draw on the paper, or turn the paper over to be safe.  We are not giving complete DIY instructions…just tossing the idea out there until Ikea lets us all in on the gig!)


Here’s A Healthy Recipe


Good Mom's Quote
via 540 Mercantile


Kid with Mixing Bowl
via PopSugar

You are a super Mom and are always looking for “activities” you can organize for play dates and Mommy & Me events.  How about one around the idea of cooking with and feeding the little guys?  Get the other Moms in on making the recipe sheets until Ikea releases these to the rest of us mortals.  You can have endless hours of introducing cooking and meal prep to your kiddos with a little less effort but no less impact on impressionable minds.  Get the Dad’s involved and what a family event!

Shopping with Mom
via LandO’Moms
Girl at Sink
via Savory Nothings


Cooking with Kids
via Sea Salt Cooking School

If you don’t have parchment paper in your kitchen….get some.  It’s the easiest way to not have to clean up!  Look at how cute this idea is for letting kids be part of the cooking.  Nix that first sentence, you are going to have a mess anyway with this idea.  It’s a memorable mess tho!


Kitchen with Shelves
via Pinterest


Peruvian Cooking Class
via Peruvian Cooking Class

What about a family picture board of meals to make?  We have used a chalkboard for years.  Helps to remind me what we have ingredients to make into meals.  So many choices and ways to do this.

Family Chalk Board
via The Idea Room
Mise en place
via Pinterest

Chefs around the world use Mise-En-Place when teaching classes.  This really is a good way to cook at home, too.  Can you see a pre measured ingredient tray for each couple, or pair of kids, making you the coolest teaching chef…like a Canadian!

Mom and Kids with Pizza Crust
via Today’s Parent

Here’s to using that wonderful kitchen you have built!

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  1. Love the IKEA recipe idea. That is very cool. I personally love baking and cooking and learned at the side of my grandmother and mom. It is a great watt os spend time with the kids and to teach them at the same time

    1. Yep…it’s what we had to do before electronics! I think we can take full credit for the current generation of foodies…don’t you!?

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