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Many long time readers know About Us,  how Kristen and I became partners, and that we have a few years between us.  I do not tell her often enough how much she brings to our seasoned team and how much her outlook adds.  Today I will take a moment to say thank you to her and also a young man we met last evening.  A fellow blogger, with 2 years under his belt, talking about a subject that he is passionate about and laying out what he needs to do to make his dreams a reality.  He is 19.

In several hours I learned many things about, and more importantly from, this “kid”.   He was in our area visiting his grandparents.  During his stay, he got what you and I would call a “summer job”.  His outlook is that he is a business man.  When he works for someone else, this is part of his business and his work ethics are his own.  He has taken this advice from his father and is putting it into action.  His dream is to become a screen writer.  I have not even looked at his blog and yet I understand this is his way to be able to express his thoughts.  The written word is as powerful as always.  No matter what the subject of his writing is, I know it will always be amazing because he is amazing.  Soon he will leave for boot camp and become a member of the Army Reserves.  The money he will earn is earmarked for college to further his dream.  We parted saying that I will give him my novel to turn into a screen play.  There is not a doubt in my mind he will become a screen writer.  He is a writer and an inspiration for all of us no matter our age.  I better get started on that novel!

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  1. Well said it’s amazing how young thinking can open our eyes and when you sit down with anyone you know, and listen to their passion you can hear it in their voices see it in the excitement when they’re talking about it. As we all grow older we should never stop listening to young people. We never know what they can teach us. Thank you for your blog

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