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Vacations can be a double edged sword.  An oxymoron.  Most of us take a vacation to relax; to have a few days where our routine is not the same as when we are home.  The concept of most vacations might be summed up as freedom.  Except….we have to get there and then get back!  Nix the freedom part for at least two days of our precious time. What if…..

…. we made an effort to plan our vacations a little closer to home?  Say even an hour or less away?

 What if we did not have to worry about packing everything we “might” need to meet weight requirements, make arrangements to get to an airport, check luggage, go thru security, deal with delays and layovers.  What if we did not have to search for accommodations, recreation and dining in areas unfamiliar?

What if we…

  • Could pack lighter, knowing that if we forget something we could (but won’t) go back and get it?

  • Might be able to take the dog, and know we could keep that hard to get appointment that will only take an hour?

  • Spent our travel days on our schedules, get up a little later at home, finish up any unexpected last minute responsibilities, stop for provisions along the way and arrive at the accommodations without travel “dust”, as Mr. LBD calls it?  In other words, freedom to plan the travel days.

  • Spend our travel money locally, and have friends join us on their schedules?

  • Stay in someone else’s vacation home, appreciating all the details of their dream?  Now we are talking!



Almost all of us use the internet to begin our vacation searches.  It’s one feature of technology that really is a great tool.  But how often do we look at vacation rentals in our own area?  Recently, we did just this and could not have been happier with the outcome.  Before those of you who know we live in Florida say…”Yes, but you live where it’s always a vacation!” Let me say that no matter where you call home, there are gems near you.  Spend some time on Airb&b and HomeAway if you don’t believe me.  Take a peak at how “tourists” see your area.  Pretty sure you will see things in a new light.

FullSizeRender 29FullSizeRender 27

Here’s Our 10 Reasons We Will Be Doing This Again And You May Too!

#1- You Will Be Fresh Enough To Enjoy Even The First and Last Nights of Your Vacation


#2- The Kitchen and Bath’s Are Pristine, Have The Latest Decor And Are Set Up Just For You

As we mentioned on Monday, what a great way to practice your new refrigerator skills!

#3- The Internet And TV Service Is Private And Works


#4-Auxillary Spaces Are Set Up To Accommodate Everyone


#5 The Beds And Linens Are Selected With Comfort In Mind

FullSizeRender 38

As you can see, the top 5 reasons are really all based around providing comfort and relaxation.  We easily could have stopped here on the list, but then you would have missed all the goodies we spied with our designer eyes.

#6- The Finish Details Are High End

#7-The Furnishings Are Welcoming

#8- No Detail Has Been Left Undone

#9- Dusk to Dawn, The Property Is Beautiful


#10 – A Gallery Awaits



With the airfare we “did not spend” we can start looking at the calendar for the next time we need a relaxing vacation!  Finally, we would like to thank our host and their property manager who could not have been more friendly and helpful.  We’ve met some of our closest friends traveling afar…no reason it can’t happen locally as well!

This Home Can Be Waiting For You Too!


All photos are the property of the property owner and littleblackdomicile and published with permission. 





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7 thoughts on “Ready For A Vacation Without The Travel?”

  1. Fabulous Laurel, Dave and I would both stay there for sure! Amazing to get a fresh perspective. You really captured so many of my favourite details. More to come too! A love affaire with decor never stops it just keeps evolving. Thank you for sharing. I am excited to share your blog as well.

  2. This is great! What a lovely place to stay! I prefer to vacation far from my home town only because as a buisness owner if I am close by my employees will need me and I know I would feel obligated to fix the problem. If I’m a plane trip away, oh well, nothing I can do.

  3. What a fabulous idea! Sometimes when we have guests in town we actually rent rooms away from home so that we can enjoy our town thru new eyes. Love this house.

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