Is My Tongue Purple?


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Remember when you were a kid, after sucking on a grape popsicle (they are the best), you stuck out your tongue and asked your brother, “Is my tongue purple?”  Of course it was!  You couldn’t see it, but you could feel it and knew it was good!  It made you happy.

Purple Flowers on Cement House
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Certain colors do just that…they make us happy.  They grab us immediately and don’t let go.  Violet, grape, fuchsia, and most of the purples have this power.  I’ve had a love affair with fuchsia for a very long time!  I’ve used it over and over in my own decor.  It is one of my favorite colors and it’s Friday so here we go!

Friday Favorites

Fuschia Fusion Blog 7.10.17.png


Fuchsia Bookcase
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It is easy to back away from something that might be considered outside the norm.  This is how we now have too many decor choice that are tone on tone gray.  These choices are not wrong, but do you sometimes crave more color?  When you love a color, take charge, own it and incorporate it.   The result will be stunning!

Fuchsia Flowers with Ivory
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Revamp Those Grays!

Girl with Gold Skirt and Fuchsia Shoes
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Need a little nudge?  Look to our wardrobes.  So many ways to use a power color!

Fuchsia Bag
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Fuchsia Sofa
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Magically Moody!

Charcoal and Fuchsia Door
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A New Classic!

Bed Bench In Fuchsia
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Girl in Purple Gauchos
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Can you just see this gal in front of this mirror?  Ready for date night!

Magenta Floor Mirror
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After Date Night….Add A Little Shopping To Your Weekend.


Art at World Market unknown 2

Throw at Crate & Barrel


Pillow at Crate & Barrel

Gray and Gold Room with Purples
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Use Colorful Accessories That Reflect Your Style

Charcoal Bedroom with Fushica Blanket
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Keep an eye out for the colors you love…they really are everywhere!

Remember a past post we did with this spicy color?  


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Have a wonderful weekend!

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