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Professional Series Gas range
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A BTU (British thermal unit) is a measure of heat output and applies to the power generated by gas stovetops and ranges.  The capacity of gas burners is measured in BTU per hour.  Residential ranges, patterned after commercial units, have BTUs of 12,000 to 25,000.  If you have one, or are planning a kitchen design, you no doubt know what these are.  But do you really know why you need these?  It’s gotta be for a better reason than bragging rights.

Before we go too much further, let’s do talk about those bragging rights!

Buying any one of these ranges is even more exciting than buying a sports car and much cheaper when you compare it this way.  See, I can justify anything!

But would I really buy one?  I am the world’s biggest cheerleader for induction cooking. (another post)  However, yes if I was a guy, I’d be saying I’d trade a “you know what” for one of these puppies.  Maybe not because of the way they cook, or for the bragging rights of having all these BTUs at our disposal, but because they just look like they need to be in our home!


Who can pass up this one in the color Roquefort?!  That brass is welcome in our home anytime!

Gas Ranges, Cornue Fe CornueFe
Cornue Fe CornuFé Dual-Fuel Range Stove, Roquefort

Don’t Like My Color Choice?   Try These.


Three 12,000 BTU burners, one 17,500 BTU center burner, one simmer burner adjustable from 600 BTU to 6,000 BTU.  


Residential Professional Series Ranges
Bertazzoni 36″ Professional Series


Dual wok: 750 BTU/h – 18 000.00 BTU/h, Rapid: 2500 BTU/h – 11 000.00 BTU/h (1), Semi-rapid: 1500 BTU/h – 6500 BTU/h (3), Auxiliary:750 BTU/h – 3400 BTU/h (1)

High BTU Residential Verona Range
Verona Classic Series – Color Light Blue
Burner Output – Set 1 QTY: 1, Set 1 Output: 16000, Set 2 QTY: 2, Set 2 Output: 12000, Set 3 QTY: 2, Set 3 Output: 6000
Wow!  What a shade of blue!  Of course, nearly every manufacturer has a stainless model.  You have probablty heard of Viking and Wolf.  Below are two others that offer similar BTU function in residential models.  This finish remains a leading seller.  Maybe because commerical kitchens are a sea of this burnished metal and make us feel we could win Top Chef at any moment.  We are not promoting one finish over the other.  Well, maybe we are just a little partial to all those color options above.  Those ranges just look happy!
Stainless Options 
Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 9.54.28 PM


Screen Shot 2017-07-18 at 9.53.57 PM

We’ve most likely just established that many of us do want one of these beauties.  After all, won’t we cook better, more often, wow our friends with eat in dinners instead of eating out (another attempt at justification!) and host every holiday dinner from now on?  Maybe.  Inspiration is powerful and we have so many clients that are doing just this.  Bravo to all of you!


What to know before you spring for a professional series residential range.

Just a few considerations, in layman’s terms, to keep in mind while you are drooling over the thought of owning a high BTU output range.


  • Study Up and Plan for Ventilation.  You must have it and USE it.  The proper system must be sized to your range and are costly.  None of these ranges look good charred!
  • The backsplash should also be a heat retardant material.
  • Consider how you cook.  Too much BTU means it’s harder to control when you do not want high heat.  Look at where a lower BTU burner is located on the cooktop.
  • The units themselves are heavy.  A quick double check of floor support is never a mistake.
  • Be careful using the range top.  The grates do stay hot after use.
  • Make sure you have a gas line.  Don’t laugh…it has happened.  Miscommunications, while make a good story later, can be frustrating at best when your new baby is in the driveway.

Ready For Yours?

Gas Range By LaCornue littleblackdomicile.com
via Decorpad

But what if you are not ready, nor do you need a lot of high BTU’S?  What if you have a standard 30″ opening and are dreaming of the perfect LBD for your kitchen?  Don’t fret, littleblackdomicile has a few favorites to share!

Want to look like a professional….use a slide in unit and add your own backsplash!

Whirlpool Gas Range
Whirlpool WEG515S0FS


LG Slide In Gas Range


GE Slide In Gas Range


Frigidaire Slide in Gas Range
Frigidaire Gallery FGGS3065PF

Grilling season is in high gear right now but it won’t last forever in many areas.  Don’t worry your faithful range is waiting!

Click Here For Tips About Cleaning A Gas Range

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  1. You need a gas line, of course. But you also need a BIG gas line. Many of the high BTU units require a larger gas line than typical residential ranges.

    You may have a 1/2″ line but might need a 3/4″ line.

    1. You are right! Here’s a design secrete….any appliance can be painted by an auto body shop. Especially the door of a range. When there is a will, and a tiny budget, there is always a way!

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