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You’ve been through numerous conversations with each other discussing the important factors before getting married.  Finances, religion, politics, child rearing and so on.  But do you truly know each other?  Is one of you a “gadget” collector?!





Friday’s Favorites 

Mr. LBD Junior and I have purchased a house!  We are in the process of considering items necessary to set up our first home together.  We may have had our first he said/she said moment as we both made our list of necessary “appliances”.

Here’s my list.  Appliances are large, yes electric items, that most homes have.  Not considered gadgets but necessities.

Appliances Blog 7.10.17

Washer/Dryer/Microwave/Refrigerator Range/Dishwasher

Here is Mr. LBD’S list.  To be fair, yes these can also be called appliances, and Laurel did not specifically say not to choose “small” appliances when she suggested we write a post about our dream appliances.  However, Bed Bath & Beyond calls these “Electrics” and  I do think these  items are on the verge of being “gadgets”!

Electrics Blog 7.10.17.png

Mr. LBD Junior  States His Case

A-The Grill

 A grill is not the typical “electric”, but it is an absolute must for me when it comes to appliances!  I think it’s safe to say most of the food preparation and cooking on my end will be done on the grill. I’ll also  be looking forward to hosting numerous cookouts and outdoor festivities for years to come.

B- The Slow Cooker

Everyone should have a Slow Cooker/Crock Pot.  We will be tenderizing foods like ribs, or a nice roast for dinner each week.  For entertaining,  a slow cooker is perfect for small bite appetizers like meatballs, baby hot dogs or that trademark queso/buffalo dip, A must when it comes to get togethers or holiday parties!

C-The Coffee Maker

Just as we start our days with coffee, I should have started by list with a coffee maker!  I like to think I’m somewhat of a morning person. (whether my friends agree is a different story) Regardless, I prefer a nice cup of coffee to get my day started and there are so many different options these days, with all kinds of enhancements to make fancy named morning beverages! Personally, I like to keep it simple with a Keurig ,or simple coffee maker, with easy to operate options to get a great cup of black coffee.

D-The Blender

I think a blender is a must.  I am pretty confident we will be receiving one as a wedding gift. However, for those of you not saying “I Do” in the next year or so, having a good blender in the kitchen is key for smoothies, milkshakes, protein shakes, margaritas, or even using it as a juicer! There are all kinds of blenders with crazy features out there these days.  I’m thinking we will  use a blender 2-3 times a week and so one that is easy to clean is important.

E-The Food Processor

It only seems fit to follow up the blender with a food processor. A Food Processor can prepare items the blender won’t handle as well. Just to name a few: homemade humus and dressings, chocolate truffles, homemade ice cream even?? Sounds good to me!

F-The Waffle Maker

 I selected waffle maker because if brings back memories of weekend mornings when the sweet scent of waffles,  and likely some bacon, made it’s way to my bedroom. To this day, that smell is better than any alarm clock. Bring the family together on the weekends with some waffle making fun!

G- The Toaster

Making an ordinary slice of bread extraordinary! If you’re a novice in the kitchen, like me, it doesn’t take much to find success with a toaster. Growing up, the toaster was always being used.  Add some butter, jelly or maybe cinnamon, peanut butter to the warm toast makes a quick breakfast to grab and go.  

H- The Water Filter Pitcher

Water has become my go-to beverage for drinking throughout the day, beverage of choice at dinner, and the obvious necessity after a night on the town. Clean, pure water is only a few minutes away with a water filter pitcher . Fill it up in the morning, place it in the fridge, and by the afternoon it’s filtered, cold and ready to go. If that’s not enough of a reason already, imagine what you can save by buying a water filter to use over and over instead of buying package after package of bottled waters.

I-Can Opener

I-The Can Opener

Getting back on track to essentials in the kitchen, I believe a can opener is a must. Making light work of those tightly packed goods: tuna, soup, canned veggies, etc.  Some of the handheld openers these days have a bottle opener as well. 🙂

J- Apple Cutter

Perhaps a little less “electric”, in most cases, are the countless kitchen tools that are very useful.  An essential go-to of mine is the apple cutter. A clever invention to slice your apple into 6-8 perfectly sized, ready for dipping slices to enjoy!  Also on my list are fruit scoopers, timers, scales, and a food thermometer.  The list grows while in the isle of any kitchen store!

At the end of the day, stock your kitchen with the “electrics” that are right for you. Take a real look at some of these items and imagine how they may assist your lifestyle. Guys, while you are at it,  please let me know in a comment below,  what some of your favorite or most handy items around the kitchen are.  Guys cook a lot!    I’m always looking for new ideas, and don’t want to miss a thing as we prepare to stock our new kitchen soon!


Yep, women are from Venus and men from Mars!  Looking at both their lists above, I see items we also have, and do, use often.  Some not so much and they now live at Goodwill.  (Thank goodness Mr. LBD Junior does not know about the hot dogger yet.)  All I will add at this point is it’s a good thing Kristen is a designer and skilled in space planning!  They are going to need some tall, vertical storage.

Happy Friday Everyone!

PS:  Don’t forget to leave Mr. LBD Junior a comment so he can finish off his gadgets list!




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  1. For us, a necessary gadget is an instant hot water dispenser or pot. We are currently using a Zojirushi CV-DCC50 electric pot and couldn’t be happier.

    We live in an area with VERY hard water and I descale it every month or two by filling with fresh water and 2 oz. of powdered citric acid (I buy in bulk from eBay). I rinse after a couple hours and it’s like new. I use the same citric acid in the coffee pot or other items. MUCH less expensive than commercial cleaners.

    1. I think we have the same thing…I just call it my electric tea kettle. Can’t live without it. It was one of my top 5 fav things in an old post!

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