Is It Time For Back To School Already? Is Your Homework Area Ready?



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Let’s face it, the thought of homework does not conjure up warm and fuzzy feelings for kids or parents.  In reality the memories are more likely of lost assignments, mad dashes to Walgreens, crowded dinner tables ladled with supplies, frustrated kids who don’t “get this” and the bedtime clock looming in the background.  What if we could count on our homes to help make homework time better?


Homework may never be fun for most, be the right space to work in makes all the difference.  As adults we are most happy working in a space, at home or in an office, when we have a space set up to help us be productive.  A place that we take ownership of with decors that motivate us.  Why not set up homework stations that do the same thing for our kids?  Why not indeed!

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  • Set Up A Designated Area – There are better ways than depending on the kitchen table as the only place for homework.  It is easier to take a snack to a study spot than interrupt a dinner table with a project that didn’t get finished.
Family Homework Station
Look At This Family Space- via image gallery


  • Keep Study Area In View – Being nearby, if needed, while being able to do other things makes efficient use of parents time.
Study Table in Laundry Room
Laundry and Homework- Great Combo! via Decorpad
  • Allow For Both Individual And Group Study – Personalized cubbies are motivational and a community table for shared lessons is more fun.
Kids Art Display, Study Area
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  • Plan For A Large Project Table Close To A Computer and Supplies – Having everything needed for projects in the same room is a game changer.  Being able to leave project out and work on in phases allows for needed breaks.
Pottery Barn Bedroom Project Table
Shared Work Table- via Maeto and Tobias
  • Have A System For Organization – Keeping paper under control for everyone is essential.
Organize Files in Wall Storage
Use Wall Space – via tipsaholic


Thinking that yes, you’d like to have a homework station but not sure how to gain the space?  Here’s a fact that may help.  The average American with a Dining Room, in addition to another eating area, uses the dining room  2-3 times a year.  That’s out of 365 days!  Let’s see how many of the points above that a dining room hits if used as a home work room?  It is a designated room, it’s close to grand central (the kitchen), a central table works in the space, there could be room for individual stations and there is wall space.

Food for thought, no pun intended.  While you are still pondering we’d like to brag a little about an amazing client we have who asked us to assist getting her ready for the school year.  This mother of four, yep four kiddos of various ages,  has created a knock out study area suited so well for her family.


Previous Dining Room- Nice but seldom used.


A printer was already creeping into this space…


So why not brighten up the space with some paint, ready-made furniture to mix with her existing dining table and light fixture?  Presto…


A Home Work Station that can revert to a Dining Room in about an hour,  or for resale, should they ever decide to sell this beautiful home.

We think the transformation of this existing space fits the philosopy of our design firm, and littleblackdomicile , that there is a Perfect LBD for every home.  And sometimes it is right in front of our eyes!

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  1. This is very timely and folks should pay attention to this blog. It would help parents everywhere.

    1. Coming from the best librarian we know….thanks! We have so many great clients who have mastered a homework station and we see how it helps the everyday, busy routines during the school year.

  2. I think a designated work station for kids, work at home moms and dads is always a great idea. Otherwise all of your “stuff” starts to spill over into other areas of the house.

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