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Small Spaces with Dual Purpose
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We hunt for hours on the internet to find just the right place to sneak away and hide for a few days.  An abode that romances us to be someone else, to recharge and dream.  Places that allow us to live a little more simply yet in style.  A few have enough courage to be a little less like the norm and live like this every day.  They have mastered the art of minimalism without even trying!


It’s Friday and Some Of My Favorite Design Projects Are Small Living Spaces

For years I have had a love affair with small spaces.  An affinity for unique, slightly quirky architecture which although limited in space is rich in character.  I am intrigued with how much living can be done in one room.  Add a bath, a small kitchenette and these spaces become the images writers, movie set designers and artists dream about.

Ikea is the master of outfitting small spaces…let’s take a look!


Every living space needs a bed, and a queen size works for most people.  Beds with higher headboards automatically become room dividers without the need of any construction.  Comfy linens, a night stand and we will never miss the walls!


A writing desk behind the headboard makes an instant office or vanity…even both!  Love the daylight and the simple curtain.


No one wants to be without storage and a display area.  How many books do you think are in this space?  This is a pretty nice collection of art and plants too. Character abounds!


Clothes storage is efficient and user friendly.  Did you catch the hanging rod and shoes on the stool in the last photo?  People who live in private spaces are pros at socializing at local coffee shops and eateries.   Supporting the community is easy while living in a small footprint. Friends invited in know how we live, admire us for it, so no need to hide clothing.



Let’s look at the space again. This space is full of personality and ever so inviting. There is probably a fat tabby lurking and waiting for the photographer to leave!  I imagine the bed linens are in the woven storage wardrobe.  The night stand is now the cocktail table and the curtain is drawn to give a soft cast to the room.  In this shot I can see the door to the bath I just knew had to be here.  And if the kitchenette does not exist, I’d work in a deconstructed kitchen … another favorite project of mine.

Heading for a get-away this weekend?  Enjoy It!

coffee in bed
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    1. Many have the desire to live with less but hesitate to make a change…after they do it is so liberating! Smaller is different for everyone and when it works it is amazing. Thanks for your comment!

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