Two Things That Go Hand-N-Hand With Travel



Foods of Israel
via Broma Bakery

Many of us, Americans in particular, have an ongoing love affair with traveling to other countries where we can see centuries old architecture while dining on all the glorious foods of cultures different from our own.

 Israel is one of the countries that certainly fits this criteria.

Israel The Dome of the Rock
The Dome of the Rock

Manta Ray Israel
Manta Ray via Broma Bakery



Earlier this year, Sarah of Broma Bakery, traveled to Israel and shared these amazing food photos with us, her readers.  So many times travel photos we take ourself are not all that interesting to our friends and family.  In fact I rememeber many times, showing our photos, or viewing others and wondering when the presentation would end!  Not so with these.  The photos are so good I can almost taste the food, or at the very least take in all the smells each time I look at them.








Israel Cupcakes
all photos above via Broma Bakery

Last month I attended Sarah’s first workshop on food photography and blogging as a business.  Truly an amazing event, an experience not to be missed.  She is hosting her next workshop in Napa Valley.  Here is the link to explore and sign up before the spots are all full!  Broma Bakery Photography Workshop


There is no shortage of beautiful residences.  Some available for short term rental.  Sometimes the perfect littleblackdomicile is someone elses we’ve been priviledged to share….even if just for a little while.













Above Real Estate Photos By Shai Epstein



Israel’s architecture is an intriguing mix of historic and modern buildings.  A comforting mix of the old with the exciting prospects for the future.  So much to absorb.


Tavel Israel The Youth Wing for Art Education
The Youth Wing for Art Education
Architecture Israel
Fountain of Quayt Bay
Israel Design Museum Holon Architecture
Design Museum Holon


Can you imagine touring these ancient cites all day and coming back to find a savory meal with a decadent sweet, either at a local eatery or prepared in your “live like a local” abode?

The summer is coming to a quick end.  For many the school year is right around the corner…already!   Let’s all look back on the travel we’ve had and look forward to new possibilities by doing a little more

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