Ever Feel Like The Rug Got Pulled Out From Under You?

Of course not, well maybe some days, well ok yes I can think of several times something happened I wasn’t expecting.  Our day to day lives are full of twists and turns where we have to make quick decisions we can feel confident with and move on.  Yep, most days move along very nicely.  Until it’s time to decide on purchasing an area rug.


Area rugs really have to deliver in so many ways.  Not only do they need to be utilitarian, we also want them to be an asset in our homes decor.   There are the questions of what size to buy and do we need a pad.  Pretty easy to get this info online. Then onto the real life questions of  what’s the best choice for pet hair, kid eruptions, happy hour mishaps and maybe even a little pet potty.   If we have to allow for any one of these factors what price should we pay “just in case” a disaster happens?  Or if we get tired of a piece?  All factors for how we really live.  Yes we are designers, but we get you on this one!

First, got an empty room?  Why not start with an area rug as the basis of your decor?  The choices are endless and this is an excellent opportunity to reflect your personality.  Perhaps you have an heirloom that has been rolled up because it didn’t feel right with previous furnishings.  Love it…get it out and build from it.  Ready to purchase an investment piece and start your own legacy heirlooms?  Look for a future post where we will feature the source we use most for this caliber of pieces.  For now, though, let’s look at suggestions available at Wayfair.com.  There truly is a rug for every Perfect LBD…dog poo and all! (If this happens to you, mums the word but we have to deal with it!)

Photo via har.com


Today on Friday Favorites, we are going to look at some beautiful rooms where the designer, or homeowner, has decided not to use a rug.   Because so many of our Digital Design clients ask us to make suggestions for rugs after furnishings are in place, we thought we have some fun and show you what we’d recommend for these rooms.  Ready for some….

Happy Feet Doormat

Happy Feet Rug Link




Armstrong Wood Flooring Kitchen +White Molded DR Chairs+Metal Schoolhouse Bar Stools
Kitchen Dining Area Photo via Armstrong



Wayfair Rubino+Blue+Area+Rug


Rubino Blue Area Rug Link


Homeflooringpros White Washed Floors
Living Room Photo via Homeflooringpros


Wayfair Parker+Fuchsia+Area+Rug

Parker Fuchsia Area Rug Link


Mannington Floor Tile with Dual Ivory Sofa's
Living Room Photo Via Mannington



Obadiah Hand Tufted Area Rug Link


Loft Living - gallartgroup
Loft Photo via gallartgroup

Wayfair Olga+Gray+Area+Rug

Olga Gray Area Rug Link

Pinterest Modern Bath with Freestanding Tub and Stacked Horizontal Glass Tile
Bath Photo via Pinterest

Wayfair Zaran Orange Area Rug

Zaran Orange Area Rug Link


Contemporary Sunroom+Concrete Floors+ Upholstered Outdoor Furniture
Sunroom Photo via Houzz


Wayfair Morrison Cow Hide Area Rug

Hide Area Rug Link


Neuilly Sage Green/Black Area Rug

Neuilly Sage Green/Black Area Rug Link Wayfair Sasha Rainbow Kids Area Rug

Wayfair Sasha Rainbow Kids Area Rug

 Sasha Rainbow Kids Area Rug Link

Washed Wood Floors+Creamy Sectional+All Window Rooms+Carved Wood Art+ Natural Wood Furniture
Living Room Photo via Torontodesigners

Stewiacke Blue Area Rug

Stewiacke Blue Area Rug Link


There are so many ways to use area rugs.  Small ones layered over larger ones, large ones in lieu of wall to wall carpet, light colors to brighten dark floors, dark colors to define light floors, bold patterns to make a statement and subtle patterns to work with quiet designs.  Rugs are used to define spaces and can be the “Art” in the room on the floor or on the wall.

Choosing the right rugs for your home should be fun!  Need someone to run some ideas by…you know who to call.

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