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Hello Everyone!  Mr. LBD Junior back to continue talking about a Guy’s Domain.

The Garage

The Man Cave 

The Barn


If you recall, I wrote a while back about my Dream Garage….



You know, the garage containing plenty of organized space, a refrigerator/freezer, sound system, workbench, all attached to my house for convenience.  Yes, that one.


Well, let’s just say after some exploring and research, a whole new “Garage Door” has been opened!
Let me ask you: What happens when a guy’s dreams and innovation meet, are mixed with creativity, then assembled using the greatest, finest, most economical of recycled materials, SCRAP METALS?!  I’ll tell you what happens: A real-life version of my new dream garage.  Call it my Dream Garage 2.0!
I recently had the amazing opportunity to check out one of the most innovative, impressive and true example of everything mentioned above.  A valued client of LBD,  and owner of Red Ball Recycling  gave me a grand tour of his “Garage”.  This place is really more like a Man-Cave on steroids, a Storage Center for boy toys of all kinds and the Ultimate Family Entertainment Area.  On top of all that, It’s A Barn!  It is alive with history and no doubt will keep evolving.


Screen Shot 2017-08-13 at 3.07.39 PM.png

Redball Recycling

Let’s take a look at the “SCRAPS” that have been utilized and are such an important part of this unique structure.  I’ll do my best to re-create and share the experience!

Griffin Farms Barn Exterior with Red Roof and Aged Barnwood Facade
via Griffin Farms

“That’s not a Garage, that’s a WAREHOUSE!”  My thoughts exactly.  My writing and photos will not do it justice, however, you just have to see this entity.   This “garage” was built in a little over a year.   Once the wooden “bones” were structured and set,  used sheet metal pieces were used to assemble the roof with different barn and old military base doors to close it up.  Pretty “Barn” impressive if you ask me.  Let’s take a look inside!

Stage with Drum Set, Painted Barn Wood, My Old Ky Home and Ireland
via Griffin Farms

Clearly our friend is a loyal patriot to his homeland of Ireland, and at the same time pays homage to his new Kentucky home!  The art on the wall itself is “sweet”, and is one of my favorite things.  Check out how it plays as background for the stage.  Yes, a stage!  This is the perfect spot for the band to set up shop and entertain during his St. Patrick’s Day party!  Seems like all the country girls are getting down on the farm! (Credit: Tim McGraw☺ )

67 Buick Convertible, Candy Apple Red Buick Convertible, Vintage Cars, Chrome On Cars
via Griffin Farms
67 Buick Convertible, Candy Apple Red Buick Convertible, Vintage Cars, Chrome On Cars
via Griffin Farms

As I mentioned, this is a garage FIRST, and what goes in the garage?…CARS!  Check out this 1967 Buick convertible.  Sleek, shiny and painted candy red, containing all the original pieces, and slightly updated of course!  The best part is, it’s not just for show.  Our buddy says he gets in his joy rides from time to time, and I’m sure this would be perfect for a drive-in movie!

Movie Projector Screen, Movies In The Barn, Large Screen Movie Night
via Griffin Farms

Speaking of the movies, why not include a theater in the garage?  This bad boy has a full projector screen installed, complete with surround sound and super comfortable seating.  Just to the left of the screen is a cozy fire place.  Take a closer look at where that fireplace sits; yep, that’s a bucket from a construction excavator!  Never before would I have imagined seeing something like that!  Such a simple, yet intriguing and creative holding piece for a fireplace.  This is the kind of raw innovation I was trying to explain above.

Wood Burning Stove, Barn Fireplaces, Barn Heat Sources
via Griffin Farms
Guys Bar In A Barn, Bars In Garages, Vintage License Plates
via Griffin Farms


TV In Barn Over Bar, Camo Cabinets, Antler Cabinet Hardware
via Griffin Farms

Now for the “Man-Cave” aspect of this masterpiece.  Our guy has installed a full bar, with all kinds of bar signs, lighting, refrigerator, washing sink, and TV.  I mean WOW!  Here he is again with sheer imagination.  Notice all the license plates he’s collected and slapped on his bar to give it such rustic character.  Check out the cabinets and the handles on them, such a hidden sharing of interests.  Random signs everywhere, both old and new.  He told me one of his favorite parts of all this “junk” everywhere is that it all tells a story.  What an interesting perspective to consider when planning the ideal décor.

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Industrial Lighting In Barn, Lighting Over Bar In Man Cave, Recycling Light Fixtures
via Griffin Farms
Bar Stools Out Of Farm Implement Parts, Tractor Parts Bar Stools
via Griffin Farms

For example, see the lights hanging above the bar?  He took these out of an old Military Ammunition Base that was being taken apart.  I have to think he is one of a few, if not the only one who has something like this, and a most amazing story to go with it.  Look at his “Bar Stools”.  These are self-made using the front of an old tractor and the seat from that tractor, welded on to the wheel axle as a base.  Do a little sanding of the rust to smooth it out and boom, unique barstools!  Next, check out the old dentist chair he acquired.  Looks rather comfortable, but honestly, I would never think of that as a seating option in any room I have.  Sidenote:  Laurel says Mr. LBD has used a barber chair before in his man space.  He is also a really cool dude!

Vintage Baby Blue Dental Chair In Barn Man Cave
via Griffin Farms

Whenever you have a bathroom in close proximity to the party, you’re in good shape!  A private, fully functioning one is part of this  “home away from home”.  Let’s focus on the barrel sink.  How cool is this?  He actually had it made for him, but it absolutely fits his rural / Irish montage he has going on throughout the place.  The bathroom is such a bonus perk in this place!

Ammunition Plant Door To Storage Room, Recycling Metal Doors, Industrial Signs
via Griffin Farms

As if this place wasn’t big enough with enough fantastic stuff already,  he has carved out an additional side storage room.  For what I wondered?  Tools?  A bedroom? More of this priceless “junk” every guy would love to own?  Don’t get me wrong, this place is quite clean and tidy, and maybe this space helps him keep that consistency or perhaps it’s full of more good things to come!

Many of the pictures above can give you a sense of the space this place has.  I was informed it was a 40 ft. x 50 ft. structure.  No wonder it has enough room for all of these different amenities.  However, even with all it has on the inside, the 2 extra doors installed give it some nice exposure to the beautiful property outside as well! Out the bigger side door is an outdoor fire pit with plenty of seating all around.  I know where I’d be relaxing on the cool evenings of fall and early winter.  Looking  out the back of the garage is nothing but open land and woods.  What a nice, aesthetically pleasing view to kind of take it all in.

Well…didn’t I tell ya??  What an incredible structure!  Truly a fine accomplishment, and the perfect amalgamation of vision, passion, and ingenuity with materials at hand.

I was always raised to never let anything go to waste, but this garage speaks to that on a whole other level.  Safe to say this garage gives the expression “made from scratch” a completely new meaning!  I understand we don’t all have this kind of access to materials, and not all of us can “do it ourselves” even at the smallest levels.  What we can take from this piece, is the creativity, the innovation, and the determination to build what you dream of.

I am never surprised what we can actually accomplish when we set our minds to it and don’t let anything stand in our way.

Thank’s Griffin Farms For Sharing This Special Place With Us!

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