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On nearly every Mom’s want list is an area where everyone coming in the house can hang up and store things like coats and backpacks.  Nowadays, let’s add in charging stations while we are at it.  Surely if we have a beautiful, built in system like we see everywhere on Pinterest, our days will be transformed.  Except…

Built In Mudroom Storage Area with Drawers, Hooks and Baskets
Mudroom Entry via Involvery



Most days, we all have to be in this space at the same time and human nature is not to “wait” our turn to properly put things away.  Nor do all the things we tote in and out always fit where we have planned.  Sometimes we infringe on another’s “space”.   How long until the space planned to keep us organized, the system we were so proud of, becomes unorganized and is now on the list to “re-organize”?  Not to mention the cost of building this space so “they will come”!

built in storage for coats, baskets, shoes in mudroom


Built In Storage System via Home Edit

Don’t get us wrong, we have super clients who have mastered these spaces and they indeed are workhorses for them everyday.  We enjoy working with them to design systems that are flexible and can evolve with changing needs.

We also have clients who choose not to go the route of building in systems.  Perhaps some like myself no longer have school age kiddos at home and know with a more simple system the “big kids” in our home will function very well.   We have clients in rental homes that have renovation limits and others who simply do not want to incur the cost.  Regardless, we all have one thing in common.  We are busy and have “stuff” we need to be able to grab and go.

So what’s the “cheap” answer?

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Hooks are, well, cheap.  If they are secured properly, so they don’t come crashing down when we over load them, they really are the most efficient method of organization available.

It’s easy to throw a bag, purse, coat, backpack, key, dog leash, towel, hat, scarf, belt, necklace, bracelet, hair ties, ribbon…you get the idea.  No matter what our size, a hook can be installed to fit all.


AND the training time to learn to use a hook is a nano second.  My favorite feature!  Let’s take a look at the many areas where hooks can be used to make our days so much better.


Even cars that don’t use keys anymore, use key fobs which we have to have on our person to make the “keyless” function work.  This seems silly to me, and I lose that fob more than I ever did my keys!  So it’s even more important to have a key rack near the garage.  Sure you can get a simple small hook board like we have, or you can be more creative and do something like these.  How cool is the picture frame idea?!  DIY clients are so clever in how they use hooks.



Some parents are just so savvy!  Look at these examples from Pinterest.  Everyone has there very own, designated spot for just the backpack, or workbag/purse for the big kiddos.  We do recommend a separate pack area where coats are not part of the storage.   School bags are important and deserve their own spot each night, loaded and ready each morning without a stressful rush.  Got a separate lunch bag…how about them on the second hook each morning?



Coat and jackets are the rabbits of our lives.  They multiply on these hooks!  So far, we have not found any amount of cute labeling that works to keep Suzie’s jacket on her hook and Dad’s jacket he wore last month on his hook.  Closets designated for coats have one major problem.  They require hangers which take more than that nano second to use.  This is one area where a long row of hooks, or several, really make life easier.  Install the hooks where they are serviceable and try not to worry about how it looks.  Hopefully, at the least, everyone will hang up their own coat and at best perhaps we can all learn to live with fewer coats!


Coat Closet With Interior Hooks
Back Pack and Coat Closet

Does having things out in the open drive you nuts?  Hooks in a closet can be more useful than a rod.  You know what will make you happy!



Bathrooms are another area where we need quick, easy to use organization. Especially shared bathrooms.  Towel bars are common and commonly not used by kids.  We love hooks in the bathrooms!  When designing a bath, we use more than the norm.  Want to change how towels are used in your baths without any remodeling?  Over the door hooks are available at so many places.  Towels hung to dry may not have to be laundered as often.  Give them a shot of Febreeze at bedtime and start planning what you can do with a few less loads of long dryer time towels each week.


back of door hooks

Ikea Hooks on A Board




If you are one of our clients, or are at our home, you will find a row of hooks on the back of the entry door.  You’ll probably also see them on the inside of the closet door and maybe even on a board in the bedroom itself.  It’s so much easier to hang up night clothes in the morning and grab a comfy robe/sweater off a hook than to take the time to use a hanger.  In the guest room this is the perfect space for a robe and fresh towels.  For kids, what about laying out tomorrow’s clothes on designated hooks so mornings are a snap?  Heck, you they might even have time for breakfast! (This coming from a Mom who let her kid get Mountain Dew and a pack of Donette’s at the 7/11 each morning! BAD!)

Sidenote:  We didn’t forget about the charging stations.  Where someone charges all the devices we use is very personal.  As hard as we try to designate spots, the kitchen counter still seems to be the number one spot!   We are holding out for the next wave of devices that use wireless means to charge without cords.  Surely someone beside me has thought of this!

Don’t Forget The 4 Legged Members Of The Family

Board with Hooks, Jars for Doggie Treats and Potty Bags
Leashes, Potty Bags and Treats!

When Fido needs to go, it’s nice to know exactly where the “supplies” are.  This hook and jar board is so clever.  Place it by the door, or in the garage and the pups will train the humans in no time where their belongings are!

Ah, but what about design?  Aren’t we in the business of making storage look good?

Entry Way With Peg Hooks

wood pegs on board with clothing

Yes we are!  Our response to this….we can help you make anything look good but if it doesn’t function our job is not done.

So give your family every opportunity to “help you” by hanging up as many hooks as you can today. The Perfect LBD for your home is the one that makes you smile in every room and know that your home works for you everyday.


Happy Motivational Monday!

Let us take a look at your home using our Digital Design  packages and help you create systems that work for you. Good design is all about the letting the small things add up.


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