How Using Black & White In Your Decor Can Save You Thousands

Vivienne Westwood said it perfectly,

‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.’



Happy Friday Favorites!

Upfront Disclaimer:  Mr. LBD has been traveling this week which means I have been working long hours. (happily – not complaining)  Wednesday’s post was a bit emotional.  Both Kristen and I were ready to let loose and have some fun talking about something we both love.  Black and White!  After all, it’s kinda our namesake, right?

Little Black “domicile”!

The Perfect LBD For Your Home!

So you ask, what in the world does a pic of Paul Newman have to do with our decor?  Indulge me, please!  A guy buys a tux, a black and white ensemble, once in his life.  (I know, gag me with a spoon, it fits him for 30+ years!)  He has paid a lot for it.  As it matures, a fine watch, real cuff links, a pair of classic aviators and a sports car all get added to the mix.  He’s set for life.  He looks as good in the grocery store with the bow tie undone as he does at the black jack table, or his daugthers wedding.  He can count on this simple suit to always be there for him.

Just Like Our Most Cherrished Pieces In Our Homes

‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.’

Black and White Checkerboard Floor, Black Cabinets with Brass Hardware, Rattan Furniture

Take a look at this black and white kitchen.  The intrigue and beauty of this space is that it looks like it has been curated over time yet it will look just as fresh 20 years from now.  And I can just see Paul leaning on the counter breathing in a cup of joe…still in the tux…the next morning….

Modern Black Kitchen with Black and White Cement Tile Floor

Need a bit more modern kitchen with a black and white palette?  How about this one.  Simple, chic, timeless again.  Love the ‘weathered” cutting board.


And who’s more weathered than Dirty Harry all cleaned up? (hey I warned you).

Back On Task

Some Of My Favorite Black and White Interiors


(Kristen Will Do Much Better With The Fashion Side Of Things)

FullSizeRender 2B99085AE-2708-4169-B70A-1AB8E7BB6DBBC5C3D610-FCBF-4F3F-B2B8-E8A5DFCDAF1931819CC2-EAF1-4EF1-8631-7FAEE58C52A2A09142C3-5AC2-46B2-8FF3-420620404090IMG_01804262633F-07C9-458F-920E-4B301B9F0F7A6F30BC73-A031-4383-ACA8-5C7B64CFA50A



Can’t Forget My Most Favorite  B/W Combos


5E115EC9-4661-4881-B1F8-A118BF5A312D.large copy


Note:  Photos not credited above came from my 30+ year archive.  I sincerely appreciate all the photographers who previously published their art online.  We will respectfully, properly revise this post as info is available.

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Now let’s look at Kristen’s Black and White Friday Favorites for Fashion and Decor.  Her choices are young, progressive, exciting and sure to be classics as well.  Want to create a timeless minimalistic decor?  Here are two colors to repeat!


Classic Elements With A Modern Twist

Look At The Counter Support!

Elle Decor 2

Elle Decor 3

How About A Brighter “Farmhouse”?

Elle Decor
Above (3) Photos Elle Decor

Black and White Art has such an impact in our decor.  Digital photography and online framing services offer so many options to DIY’ers.  Gallery Walls using the subject of your choice are fun to create!


Art Above Via Esty


Two Photos My Domain

Kitchens & Baths

A Natural Habitat For Our Ebony and Ivories


A Little Tuxedo Influence?  Perfection Every Time.


All Fashion Photos Pinterest

Ok, so that was a pretty easy “read”.  Nothing too detailed to absorb and lots of eye candy for everyone!  Take a stroll back thru the photos.  See anything that isn’t classic enough, curated enough, or just plain cool enough to not make the cut in your decor and wardrobe year after year?  Like a guy’s tux?  Me neither.  So I am going to once again agree with Miss Vivienne.

‘Buy less. Choose well. Make it last.’

Black and White Can Save You Thousands

Final Note:  Mr. LBD, who has been driving his sports car on a road trip all week, just called and said he was eating Oreos in his hotel room.  Ironic?  Maybe.  More irking endearing, is I know his tux will still fit the next time he needs it!!

Have A Wonderful Weekend Everyone!

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  1. I love that buy less choose well make it last! That is how I approached my entire house building. I did not finish it at first, I left the entire upstairs unfinished because I just didn’t want to buy things to be able to finish it. I wanted to wait till I could afford the things I really wanted and wouldnt just want to replace as soon as I could. I would rather have a small amount of well made and built items that will stand the test of time then a clutter of cheap things just to fill the space!

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