How To Work With A Virtual Interior Designer “In-Style”


Beth Djalali, Style at a Certain Age
Beth In Her New Style YouTube Office

Beth Djalali is the powerhouse behind the successful fashion blog Style at a Certain Age .

This gal is a daily inspiration to literally hundreds of thousands of women who follow her posts.  To put it in perspective, I will repeat what she told me.  300,000+ people following you is like three football stadiums full to capacity.  She inspires me to make an effort with my wardrobe everyday.  However, as a blogger, I understand the responsibility she has to her readers.  It’s equally exciting and exhausting.  Many bloggers work at home.  We were very happy to present suggestions that truly allow work spaces to be part of our homes.

When we first talked with Beth, she wanted to work on her Living Room.  She sent us a few photos of her space which showed the “Dining Room” as you can see below.

Before Photo of the Style at a Certain Age Living Room
One Of The Initial Photos

With all of our design clients, especially our virtual ones, we ask questions that give us a clear idea of how our clients live.  In The Djalali’s home, both Beth and Mr. Style (as you will see she calls him) are extremely involved in the production of Style at a Certain Age.  Even more so now that the YouTube Channel is underway!  Below is a brief recap of how the new office has evolved.


Floor Plans by a Virtual Designer
Suggested Repurposed Use of Space

With a scaled floor plan, we presented the idea of literally going “inside the box” and using the existing dining room as the video office.  You can read more about what Beth thought about this idea in her post and also on her YouTube post we will link below.

See Beth’s Post Here


Clients often ask how do we communicate virtually while working on a project?  We do things the old fashion way…we talk to each other!  Via text, email, and even the telephone.  We use plenty of visual aids, like the plan above marked up to be able to discuss clearly.  We have clients say they feel like they have known us for years even tho we have never met.


Let’s Look At A Few Shots Of The New Style Office


Most of the furnishings in the new space were already in Beth’s home.  The most successful design projects incorporate existing pieces.  Our philosophy is our clients buy things that appeal and it’s our job to showcase them.


The smallest things can create an entire design.  Remember these plate racks in the existing red dining room?  Silly you, those are not for plates.  They are to display the many photo opportunities Beth and Mr. Style (her photographer) do every day.  This is the “thinking outside the box” we designers are so good at.


Beth herself is the inspiration for the wall color.  After you follow her blog for a while you will see she wears blue often.  And with those baby blues, I knew she needed to have an office that works as hard as she does.  Here’s the link of her new YouTube channel.  We will let her tell you a bit more about her new space and how she came to need a YouTube office.  It’s a wonderful journey!

Style at a Certain Age You Tube Channel

Beth is as talented with her home’s decor as she is with her wardrobe.  We thank her for including us as part of her design team and look forward to working with her to explore new concepts and help her create The Perfect LBD For Her Home.  In this case, the pun is intended!

Wondering If You Might Like Working With A Virtual Designer? 


Online, virtual, e-design all use the same concept of working with a designer using technology in lieu of meeting in person.  Our service is a collaboration between you and our designers to develop a design plan you can implement yourself with confidence!

Your project is unique and unlike any other.  Using our virtual, online services allows you to see your decor from a new perspective; a way to incorporate your thoughts with professional advice and perhaps avoid costly mistakes.  Consider using us for your next project…no matter the size.  Here’s how the process works.

  • You contact us via email and we have a back and forth about what you want to accomplish.  There is no charge for this email exchange.  We can discuss the scope of your work and our fees for your specific project.
  • Once you decide to work with us you will take a series of photos of your space and email these to us.
  • After a review of the photos, we will contact you with any questions we have before we create your custom design.
  • If needed, we will walk you thru sending us the measurements of your space.

Here’s what you can receive in your personalized LBD Virtual Design Package.

Inspirational Photo

Intended Indulgence.jpg

When applicable, we will send you photos that will help you “visualize” the concept and feel of your new space.  Your design will be customized for the amenities or limitations of your space.  Pictures are worth so much more than 1000 words!

Floor Plan

Intended Indulgence Floor Plan 03.20.17.jpg


Intended Indulgence Wall B Elevation 03.20.17.jpg

Intended Indulgence Wall A Elevation 03.20.17.jpg

Floor plans and elevations are not always necessary but do allow you, and us, to make sure that items will work in your space.  We will decide together if your project merits the drawings and talk with you about cost to prepare these.

Color Pallet Options 

Option A Paint Selections.jpg

Option B Paint Selections.jpgMaterial Boards 

Blog Master Bathroom Selections.jpgBlog Master Bath Accessories.jpeg

We will prepare custom selections for your project.  In this case, the project was a bathroom renovation.  Boards can also be done for decor projects with furnishing suggestions .  You can see an example of this on our website. (link below)  To finish up, along with the above photo boards of all materials for your project, you will also receive all online links for the project.  You will be able to see all the details of each item suggested and begin to source the project yourself.

For more information on our Virtual, Online Design Packages See The Link Below.

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