Instant Ways Home Offices Go From Boring To Beautiful!


In 2013, one in five American’s worked from home.  By 2016 the number was up to 24%.  The term for working from home, while employed by someone is called “working remotely”.  Being self employed often means a home office is a must.  Statistics show that not being in a traditional office environment increases productivity, lowers stress, reduces turnover, and lowers real estate costs to employers.  Globally, working remotely has been more the norm and is part of the future for many people everywhere.  Setting up an office at home can be done pretty quickly.  Creating a personalized space that inspires us may take a bit more thought….but boy can it be worth the effort!


Pinterest Black and White Home Office

The  5 Basics Needed For A Home Office 

  •  A 30″ high flat surface
  •  A Chair
  •  Lighting Sources
  •  Storage Options
  •  Access To Electric

Literally setting up an office does not take long.  There are numerous resources that sell “office” furniture and offer the 5 mandatory things above that are generally needed to function.  The photo above shows a bit more personalization than some, but it is still very much a workstation up against a wall set up.  A bit isolated and not a space for long hours of “on fire” creativity.

Pinterest Brick Wall, Wooden Desk for Two, Statement Lighting and Built In Creamy Bookcases

If we need to look at a wall, how about make it worthwhile?  Choose one with architecture and ramp up the decor.  Buddy up and the hours will fly by.

Traditional Home Office Carved Out Of A Closet Complete With Bar Cart

Even carving out a small office, perhaps in a closet, can be a decor gem.  Let’s take a look at 5 additional things we think can make home work spaces where we want them to be.  Let’s start with the bar within reach of this office, which meets our number 5 just fine!

5 Desirable Amenities In A Home Office

  • Personalized, Inviting Spaces 
  • Art
  • Music
  • Auxiliary Seating Options
  • Beverage Options

It’s Friday Favorites!

Let’s Look At Some Alternatives For Our “Working At Home” Spaces

Small Dress 2.png

Honestly, as long as I have a lap and a Mac, I can work from anywhere.  However, when I need to be crazy productive and creative at the same time, a space carved out for specific tasks is both comforting and inspirational.   Since creativity doesn’t always happen during other members of the family’s waking hours….a blogging office is nice too!



Here We Go!

Living Rooms seldom really get lived in do they?  What about creating an office in this space?  Built Ins can be such a design feature when the contents are set up for actual use.  Rethink overhead lighting to become more task oriented and position a desk to be featured in front of a glorious fireplace.  Working at home never looked so inviting!

Black Marble Fireplace, Teak Desk, Home Office In Front Of Fire Place Nook, Black and White Art Work


Open concept living is here to stay.  Creating spaces with sound barriers can be a bit of a challenge.  This example of a home working environment uses a glass partition. Upholstered furnishings, area rugs and textiles also offer some sound reflection.  Love the use of a mirror in this area to grab all the natural light possible.  This office could easily double as a great make up area.


my domaine white lacquered desk and credenza, home office behind glass partition, hide area rug in office area, acrylic chairs with sheep skin throws

Are you in a creative field, or someone who loves the feel of glossy “paper” as inspiration?  Moms…can you see yourself spending a few hours each day catching up with all the demands of busy life?  The decor in this home office is so appealing I had to look twice for the file cabinet!

my domaine glass desk on brass sawhorses, full wall mood board


What ordinary, gray brown carpet?  Fun selections of furnishings can zero this out in a flash.  Go ahead and paint your nails while you work!

my domaine large yellow geometric art in home office, white desk and multi print fabric on side chairs

We encourage the concept of shared offices whenever space allows.  No matter the size of the family, it’s nice to have designated spots for electronics and projects.  Gone are the days of “hiding” our mess.  Let’s make work spaces in our homes attractive and places we are proud to share with those who know us best.

Shared Home Office, White Table, Molded White Chair, LOVE Poster Art
the above four photos via mydomaine

Got a spare bedroom and a little renovation budget?  Build out a wall to create these amazing storage cubbies.  Look at the light features in this room.  Mini recessed for the accent wall, a statement over head chandelier and a personal pharmacy task light.  Wood floors instead of bedroom carpet and a mix of contemporary and mid century modern furnishing.  Anyone ready to work on that post grad work now?  Or how about penning the book you’ve been dreaming of?

remodelista school house desk, built in wall cubbies, mix of white/black paint for modern decor, statement lighting
via remodelista


Let’s look at two completely different spaces set up to work for at least two people at one time.  The decor are opposite of each other.  Ebony and Ivory.  Traditional with a twist verses warm modern.  What they have in common is that they both beckon us to pull up chair, choose the music, and settle in to let the creative juices flow.  Morning cafe’ or evening wine happens at our desk.  Working late?  Order in and have an at home date night!

Pinterest and Atlanta Homes Acrylic Table with Leather Chairs As Office,Brass Bookcases On Black Wall, Blue Green Area Rug, Black Spiny Statement Light Fixture

White Washed Brick Walls In Loft, Table Set Up As Desk with White Molded Mid Century Chairs
the above four photos via Pinterest

Small Dress 1.png

My turn.  Because I have been “working remotely” way ahead of my time, I know how important it is to have an enviroment that suits each of us.  What is right for me may not be the best fit for you.  What works this year may not work next year.  Hiring the right interior designer, or home organizer, can help you determine what the many options are for your area to insure function is first.  Just looking good won’t cut it in the long run.  The most successful home offices are the ones that meet our needs and are flexible enough to change.  Heck, somedays rearanging the office is the only creative thing that comes together!

Even if you do not “work” from home offically….you do work at home.  Our most successful designs include small areas that are almost calling out to our clients to take advantange of.   Like areas with writing desks.  The choics are endless.  As Kristen mentioned, a favorite feature of a writing desk is to be by a window.  These transform to the perfect make up vanity!

Let’s jump outside of all of the above “design” box examples and look at how clever some of these alternatives are.  So many of our must have and want points are nailed in these less than conventional set ups.  Office work, homework, personal finances and hobbies are all part of how we live.  Having the right space to work in is a pleasure.


Irony At It’s Best

At the time of this post,  Little Black “domicile”!  had the opportunity to offer a quick consulation on a home office.  Our client’s home office has good “bones”.  Newly installed wood floors, good natural light, furnishings that met the needs.  What was missing was the “WOW” as he put it.  Below are a few photos of the space and our Baby BFF Design Package  is exactly what he needed.  Suggestions on existing furnishing and art position, paint and a few additions and soon we will be able to enjoy the after photos!

The Before Photos

The Suggestions

SW Grizzle GrayFeature Wall.png

What’s The Baby BFF?

The Baby BFF Design Package – You are ready to work on a specific area!  You need a plan!  Complete with decor suggestions and a shopping list.  You’ll get design photo boards with written guidelines of how to implement your project and an online page with links of where to find the items suggested.  This is DIY with a plan in hand!

Could One of Our Online Virtual Interior Design Packages Work For You?

pinterest bright orange stools with white console desk

We will wish you a wonderful holiday weekend with this last example of how even a small entry can be the place you sneak in a few moments each day.  I’m sure there are cute little notes in this drawer just waiting to send off a hand written thank you for the great time you just had at your neighbors.  Yes….a hand written note.  They are coming back!

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