3 Ways To Spend Your “Labor” Day At Home


Oh, there is nothing better than a 3 day weekend when a “little” holiday falls on Monday.  You know what kind of holiday I am talking about.  One that does not require loads of planning, preparation or extra commitments.  These 3 day weekends allow us to spend casual time with friends and family and still have a whole “free” day to ourselves.  Perhaps like me, you’ve eaten well, laughed hard and are thinking about what you might be able to “get done” around the house with this glorious free day.  There is also nothing that feels better to me than accomplishing something that has been nagging me but keeps getting pushed back on the To Do List.  So I think I’ll plan a bit of “labor” for this Labor Day.

Betcha cat can't do these!

So on this Motivational Monday I’ll share how we, myself and Mr. LBD, have mastered what seems to be the number one organizational problem in America, and two other areas I like to get in order this time of year.

# 1


via my domaine all white clothing items on a acrylic rack

We will start with the biggest task first. Talk to 10 people in a room and 11 of them will admit they have too many articles in their closet. Clothes, shoes, hats, purses, belts…yep it’s all crammed in a space we count on every day to work for us. The nagging need to edit hangs over our heads.  Seems like lately, words like minimalism push us to undo what we have spent a lifetime doing.

We are a society of consumption.  We have been trained to not let go of something we worked towards and paid for with hard earned cash.  How many times do we pick up an item to purge then change our minds because of what it cost?  Yet out we go shopping to buy more.

What if we have evolved and want to lighten up?

 But where to start?

There are so many views, tips and guidelines on how to overcome procrastination and ease our anxiety about choosing to live with less.   Frankly, some of the suggestions are so complex and time consuming, I burn out simply reading about the process.

The Solution To Stop Closet Clutter Once And For All

I chose to create a habit so simple it has been successful from day one.  If you are interested, here is what we do instead of following someone else’s system that would make me feel like I was running a race.

  • Each time I purchase a new item for my wardrobe I purge one.
  • If I buy 4 items….4 items go into the donation bag.
  • I use the shopping bag the items came in as the donation bag.
  • I immediately place the donation bag in the front seat of my car.
  • I drop the bag at a donation center on my next trip out.
  • I award myself with a consumable treat of my choice.



Empty Shopping Bag

It’s easier to purge when I’m excited about the new purchases which are just fab! Within a short time, I have collected pieces that indeed are fabulous.  This really makes me think about what I am willing to give up when maligning new purchases.  I am shopping smarter.


Donation Bag of Castoffs

Already dropped at Goodwill and I’m sure someone else is enjoying the personal shopping service I have provided!

# 2


C&B .jpeg

I remember setting up my first apartment and longing for spices.  Yes I know, not exactly what most kids venturing out dream of.  Yet after living in a house where salt, pepper and cinnamon were the extent of the exotics, I needed to have a spice rack!  Well, I didn’t really need one.  The multiple spices I bought, without any knowledge of how to use them, dried up to big globs of nothing very quickly.



Even though we cook often, and do perhaps use more spices than others, we often still have too large of quantities that do not stay “fresh”.  We do not buy spices in bulk.  I have learned to grind and blend individual spices instead of buying something I won’t use again.  Now, older and wiser, you think I’d know what spices I use.  Nope.  I still have an entire cabinet where spices go to die.

So once again, I will clean out this cabinet and feel accomplished when I get it all in order.  I’d love to show you my tidy, chic cabinet that smells like India or China when I open the door (love those smells) but it does not exist…yet. I do know I am seriously leaning towards a less is better system with simple containers that can be cleaned and used over and over.

Small, Airtight Containers, To Refill Often

I have researched and found that World Market Cost Plus does sell smaller quantities of both common and exotic spices.  The jarred version is a minimalistic design that allows most of the spice to show which helps me find things quickly.  The bagged version can be used to refil the jars.  The cost is good and they ship if a store is not near you.  In recent months, Bed Bath & Beyond has incorporated the World Market Food and Wine section into some of their stores.  Living with less and fresher spices is something I can do.


Crackers and Soft Ripe Cheese Appetizer, Purple Flower On Cheese Plate, Happy Hour Treats


Remember in #1, the mention of a consumable reward when a task is done?  Is there any better reward than cheese to help us forget what was in the donation bag we just dropped off?  Or what spices we just tossed?  Not for me.  I will never be one of those people who give up cheese on purpose!  Now onto the last task I may take on today.



 Photos Via Pinterest

Changing up summer plants to the rich colors of fall was always something we looked forward to.  Just a few more months of rich color and texture before tucking everything in for the winter’s sleep.  Now that we live in Florida, we do not get to do seasonal gardening as much but we do try to keep our container gardens interesting.   This is one task that is rather quick to do and offers big rewards all in itself.

Ok, that’s it.  Three areas I have identified that I’d like to put forth a bit of “labor” this Labor Day.  I may do one, all or none of them.  Since we have the closet under control, it will just need a little tidying up.  It would be nice to have these other areas all set to help us enjoy the fall season, especially as we get closer to the larger holidays.  How nice would it be to have our homes a little more squared away and systems that work automatically?  In other words, good habits.  Earlier this year we wrote the post below that has a more detailed list of other items in our homes that the “One In One Out” rule might work with in your home.  Take a peak.  Let us know your secrets for tackling the areas that nag you in the comments below.


One In One Out Rule

Since 1887 Americans have been celebrating Labor Day to honor all the people who make America work every day.  We are proud to be in this group.

Thank You 





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  1. I always feel so inadequate when I read about how organized you are. But I also feel inspired to get off my rear and do something productive. Thanks for the push!

    1. Let’s call it “motivation”! I did get to the spice cabinet today and I feel like I am ready to tackle all the fantastic fall recipes.

    1. Especially in your garden business. We used to be the first at the center to get the best ones!

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