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Irma, the largest hurricane on record, is what is happening in our country today.   It is slamming into Florida.  This storm comes on the heels of Harvey in Texas.  We live in Florida, on the West Coast.

The storm was not headed for this coast and thus we originally stayed to be here for our family to evacuate to from the original path of the East Coast.  Also, to let the over 5.4 million Floridians from the south get up the state to safety.  It’s been a week of what to do, where to go.  With reports of limited gas supplies and a shortage of accommodations, it’s been a week of what to do, where to go.

We live in a new construction home that is rated to be safer than most.  We live in a community that is not in a dangerous flood zone and was not ordered evacuated.  The state officials have given informative instructions of what to do and when.  Thus we have followed their advice and are still in Florida.

We will be without power.  FPL predicts over 3 million of us will all be in the same dark, sticky weather for a bit.  It will be inconvenient and I will no doubt be complaining about something in the next few weeks.

It’s Been A Bit Hard This Motivational Monday

However, I am, and will continue to be thankful for all our friends, family, clients, co-workers and even acquaintances that have contacted us today to say they are praying for us all.  We’ve all done what we are supposed to do to get ready for this monster storm.  Now it indeed is in His hands and I have faith it will not be as bad as predicted.

To everyone in this storms path, be smart and stay safe.  In our industry, we know how much you love your homes.  We love our homes, your homes and most homes we meet!  BUT there is not a single home worth more than each of us.  We are resilient and can rebuild even better homes.

Take That Irma!

Please bear with us in the weeks to come, as we don’t know how long we may be without power and internet.  To get your Little Black “domicile”! fix, you can always go back and catch up on the 174 other posts in the archives.



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