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Color trends for home decor come and go.  Trends seldom come back again because, well, they were trendy!  Overdone and often a tad boring.  Designers who have been in the industry as long as we have don’t like trends.  We’d much rather see our clients create homes to reflect their personalities, are in sync with the architecture of their home and use classic colors that can be timeless.

One Of These Timeless Colors Is….


 “The color between blue and yellow in the spectrum; colored like grass or emeralds.” – definition

Rustic Green Painted Door

Yes, it has also been called the color of money although that may mostly be specific to the US.  It is also the dominant color of all the veggies we are supposed to eat more of each day.  Broccoli, brussel sprouts, kale and all of the lettuces.  However, as much as we like to get inspired by food, this list is not doing it for many.   What about mint?  Hum.  Maybe.


Perfect Green Paint Colors Inspired by Looneyforfood Vegan Mint Chocolate Shop Pudding

So many things can trigger inspiration to a designer.  Our brains don’t look at anything without analyzing and thinking about it can relate to our homes.  Food is no exception.  More than not, it can be the norm for testing color combinations.  Much more fun to eat a color palette than paint swatches on the wall. (stop doing that and talk with a designer!)

A fellow blogger we follow, Patrick at Looney For Food (love any one who uses the word looney!) always promotes foods that are healthy.  So when we saw the  photo of  this “green” recipe we immediately began dreaming of all the ways to use the timeless hues of green in our homes. Thanks, Patrick!

See Full Recipe Here

It’s Friday and here are some of our Favorites!

Small Dress 1

Can you see yourself cuddled up in any of these inviting spots?

Shiplap, Green and Black Pillows, Rustic Furniture

Talk about the perfect mix of styles and color.

Living Room with white sofas, pickle green walls, green painted wood floor

Be bold.  Look at this wood floor in the same color as the walls.

Gutsy Greatness!

Green Velvet Chaise in Foyer. Black and White Patterned Foyer Floor, Large Modern Art

You know we love our signature color in this combo!

Gray Tall Cabinets Flanking Fireplace, Living Room with Linen Chairs and Green Pillows

Want to use the “trending” gray’s?  Add a little green and see if your friends ask who your designer is.

Velvet Chaise in Mid Century Style

Got some stained woods?  Guess what color is a natural compliment?

What about cooking and entertaining in these areas?

White Vintage Cabinets, Vintage Marble Counter Tops, Soft Green Splash Tile, Mexican Floor Tile

How charming is this vintage kitchen with it’s mix of soft green tiles?

Lime Rickey Chairs at White Marble Breakfast Table

A great kitchen made so much more fun with these lime rickey chairs!

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Gloss Green Hand Thrown Splash Tile, Concrete Counter Tops

Irregular hand thrown tiles…ooooh!

Modern Dining Room with Gold Chandelier, Bright Green Drapes, Black&White Wallcovering

A new traditional with panache.

Dark Green Cabinets, Black and White Cement Floor with Black and Stainless Range

Wow!  Take the chance with a big payoff.

Modern Dining Room in European Traditional Architecture with Green Velvet Chairs

Can’t find the perfect chair?  Recover what you own.

Where else can we sneak in some green?

Painted Mint Green Doors, Stone Walls, Mexican Octagon Tile

This works!

Green Laundry Room Sink with Stack Washer/Dryer, Subway Tile Full Walls

Make my “laundry” day!

Ikea Apple Green Desk Chair, Wishbone Chairs at Desks, Desk Task Lighting

Painting ready made items make them custom.

Moss and Lime Green Bed Pillows, Linen Duvet, Fern's In Bedrooms

Add your green with portables.

Small Dress 2

What’s a portable?

 Basically anything that is not attached to your home.

 Think of  pyramid when designing a room.

 Larger furniture like a sofa, harder to move and change out, is at the bottom.  It’s an anchor to the design and should offer some flexibility with the balance of the decor.   Case goods, or the “hard” pieces in a room are next.  A wood console under a wall tv, a wardrobe, a dining table are all pieces that often stay in a decor change. Leather or fabric chairs are next.  You can have a little more freedom for color and pattern.  All these pieces should compliment each other and work well with the backdrop color palette of your space.

Now the fun begins! Green with Envy Living Room Furniture Design

A-Sofa   B-Art   C- Pillow   D-Pillow  E-Fig Tree  F-Table Lamp  G- Trays  H- Side Table I-Chair   J-Rug (Pear)   K-Cocktail Table

Continuing up the pyramid, the medium and smaller portables are truly pieces to play with.  Area rugs, large art, occasional tables will all fall into the middle. Oh there is nothing more exciting than when we help a client “shop” in their own home and show them how to switch up pieces they own to change their decor completely.  Having a life plan for your homes furnishing allows for so much flexibility throughout the years.

Green Glass Apothecary Candles and Bottles

At the top of the triangle are my favorite portables, more commonly known in the design industry as accessories.  They can make or break a decor.  We prefer to help our clients choose items that not only balance and enhance their decor but offer use as well.  Lamps, storage items, pillows, throws, family photos and smaller art that have meanings.  Our homes need to be able to evolve with us.  So if we get in a “Green” mood our rooms say “Bring it on’!

Prairie Style Painting Furniture Green In Farmhouse Decor , Botanical Artwork, Rustic Decor

Remember this past post…The New Heirlooms.?

A what a lovely color it is. Green is a color than can be added into most designs so easily.  Traditional and modern decor. Paint a piece of furniture, recover some upholstery, add window treatments and other textiles, choose art and accessories that offer any numerous shades of this glorious color.  Don’t forget the use of plants! Incorporating greenery is as easy as a trip to a local nursery!

Classic Living Room with Lime Green Sofa, Woody Light Fixture, Birdcage Lamps , Large Sketch Art

“A home is not a shelter. It’s your soulmate.” laurel bledsoe


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10 thoughts on “Interiors That Make Us Green With Envy”

  1. Thanks so much for finding inspiration in my mint pudding. I don’t like trends either. I like timeless classics that stand the test of time! Many of my friends call my style boring, old fashioned, or my favorite “grandma-ish” but while I will still be loving my cozy “old man sweater” 10 years from now, I doubt they will be still digging there extreme slashed and ripped jeans. Anyway, I love all the green, my kitchen walls are currently a sage green that I love. Have a great weekend.

  2. How could you forget my beautiful green sofa that you designed for me? And I have had it for at least 4 years before it was trending. Good eye…..great designer! Thanks Laurie!!

    1. Of course we won’t forget! It’s featured in our post “Never Ask A Girl Her Age” with your always relevant non trending 20 yr old home! What color food should we call your sofa?!

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