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September Sunday, All At Once It Was Fall, Black Volkswagen Beetle, Surfboards, Seaside View,
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Here’s What Happened This Week On

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Motivational Monday

Charging Elephants – The Number One Trick For Controlling Cord Clutter

Creating Charging Stations for Electronics, Charging Electronics,

We are a society that loves our electronics.  We are power junkies.  Many of us have one or more cell phones, tablets and computers, that at the writing of this post, all have power cords.  These cords, needed to keep all of our devices charged, are now our lifelines.  Even though we make lofty plans to be less “connected”, for most of us we nearly go into withdrawal when we run out of a charge!

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Whew It’s Wednesday 

“Pin Me” The Inside Track To A Designer’s Pinterest Account

Pinterest and, Using Pinterest Interior Design

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Friday Favorites 

Interiors That Make Us Green With Envy

Interiors That Make Us Green With Envy, littleblackdomicile, Using The Color Green In Interior Design

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As always, thanks for spending a few minutes of your week with us.

See you on Motivational Monday and see our fall “Bucket List”.

“A home is not a shelter. It’s your soulmate.”laurel bledsoe

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