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What’s the best gift to receive?  To give?

For centuries the practice of giving gifts has been a way to show affection to others we care about.  Today let’s talk about giving gifts without an occasion…the best kind to receive!



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Selecting gifts can be stressful.  We want to give gifts that the recipient will love.  We want them to know that we are just as excited to give the gift as we want them to be when they receive it.  The right gift given at the right time makes two people happy.

Gifts for our homes are often the most cherished.  Picture an afternoon chat with your bestie over a cup of tea and cookies using the hand thrown mugs or plates you gifted her “just because” you know she’d love them for her kitchen.

One of our go to sites for personal gifts is Etsy.  See Link Here  Talented artists and designers use this site to open individual shops that give us all the opportunity to support these gifted entrepreneurs.

This living room, by decorzilla, inspired Laurel’s living room.  Etsy shops have a vast array of black and white pillow options.  Make your next gift a pillow cover.  Covers can be changed out for seasonal decor and neatly folded for storage.

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Black and white gifts can be universal.  They will work in both traditional and modern decor.  Choosing gifts you would like yourself is a sure way to make someone else happy.  Look at this wall clock and fused glass serving pieces. Yep, I can see them in this abode.  Clock above the fireplace and the plates on the cocktail table.  Perhaps with a few happy hour snacks.

via decosit modern small living room with hide rug, wall storage, black and white decor

Small Dress 1

Yes, I do still love that inspiration photo from decorzilla and tremendously enjoy our living room featured in our post Living Large in Under 2000′.   Now onto some of my Etsy favs.

As I have mentioned before, we use a large chalkboard in our butler’s pantry for weekly menu planning.  If it’s not on the board, it signals the other eater in the house…it’s not happening.  In other words, we do not have the ingredients or the energy for diversions.  Sometimes the word “reservations” is an entree and replaces the best intentions.  Life happens.  This chalkboard is large enough to handle a week’s worth of inspiration.  Look at these two black and white kitchens that feel the same.

What about this fantastic ceramic black bowl ?  Why keep something so beautiful in a cabinet.  Bowls can be so versatile.  Why I might even put these vintage dominos in that bowl and play a few rounds.  We love that game and never remember to set up a game night.  What a cool decor item this could be.  A pet peeve of mine is coasters that don’t soak up the “glass sweat”.  What is the point? These coasters look like they will do the job.

Our Favorite Thing About Etsy

The most favorite thing about using Etsy is the interaction with the shop owners.  The owners are real people who are as excited about selling their products as we are buying just the right gift.  Even if the gift is for ourselves.

Last week as I was doing the minor clean up needed after Ms. Irma visited our area, I began thinking that yes, I would of been upset if our home was affected.  It’s easy to say that as long as we have each other, our kids, pets and photos all will be ok.  True,  everything in a house is replaceable yet things might not be the same.  Curating a home gives it a soul.

About the same time I was thinking this, our Pinterest account gained a new follower.  We are so young in the social media world that we get excited with each new follower and do look at their sites as well.  This is how we connected with Uriya Ganor .  The shop owner of all things black.  His shop is full of black and white art.  His blog is in Hebrew and hard for me to view but his bio taunting his cooking skills opened the door for us to chat.

Uriya designed this personal quote art for us from our chatting back and forth. Little Black “domicile”! believes in supporting all of our peers and we get excited when mutual exchanges happen.  Take a look at his site.  You will probably find a few quotes that resonate with you.  If not, surely you have a saying you can have him design to remind your kids how wise you are this holiday season!



Digital Download Of Our Quote Above

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“A dreamer, creator of brands, graphic designer, copywriter, photographer, blogger and a damn good cook. I live to create beautiful things and bring joy to my clients.”-uriya

All Things Black Shop


In closing for the week, we want to share that we got put in “time out” in Facebook and Pinterest this week!  Wednesday’s post, Every One Wants To Be Skinny…Right? apparently struck a nerve with the algorithms.  Neither Facebook or Pinterest would allow us to promote a weight loss plan and said we were spam.  The photo on the left is the rejection and the right is the revision.  As soon as we corrected our evil ways…they released both.  Go figure.

Goes to show that computers can’t always interpret what they read and the only thing “getting skinny” in our post is our bathrooms!  Thanks to all our loyal readers who took the time to let us know what was happening and to chuckle at the post title.  It’s been one of our most viewed.

Before you head to the weekend, here is the link for you to choose to follow us on any of the social media sites.  We’d hate for you to miss our next scandal!

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