How Does A Designer Nail A Paint Color Every Time? How can you?


0493FD12-0349-45BB-9333-B553CA7ABAE5It’s so easy to look at a photo in a magazine, on Pinterest or Instagram and identify with the decor of a particular room.  To see ourselves living in the very space, especially like the one above that are so lovely with layers of a creamy white and off white color palette.  We like it, even love it, and want to recreate the look in our own homes.  How do rooms like these evolve?  How do we choose just the right paints to use the first time around? It can be so simple…

What if we suggested to put away the paint deck, and to stop buying small samples to paint all those “what if” patches on the wall.  Choosing paints from paint samples is the last thing the right designer will do.  You are over thinking this.

Great Rooms Evolve Out Of Inspiration


May we also suggest, that in the world of design, the best may have very little to do with money.  Our philosophy is that “the best” is what is best for you.  Our role is to learn what speaks to you and work along side of you to create a decor that others admire.  Of course we’d like to see photos of a room you like, however, we can gain so much more insight from photos that may have little to do with a home’s design.  We can do our very best for you with a “trigger”, an “I love this photo” even if you don’t know why.

We are experts at translation.  Here are some photos that have been the inspiration for some of our designs.


A traditional wall color in a study, with alabaster leathers and soft edge modern art.

Mercedes-Benz S 65 AMG Coupe´(BR 217), 2014

A neutral, yet warm kitchen the color of frothy warm milk, with burnished stainless and ebony accents.


A Derby guest room conceived and implemented in an afternoon with off the shelf linens and fresh florals.  So soft.


An existing breakfast nook turned into a morning seating area, with a buttermilk nubby area rug, concrete fireplace and walls the color of a mother of pearl cheese knife.  It’s then finished with a pair of caramel leather chairs.

It is very hard to explain how two “whites” will work together in a room looking at a paint deck.  One will look too bright and the other yellow.  Look at the photo of the bike brought into the house and it all becomes so clear.  And of course, there is always food as a number one way to visualize the soul of a home.  Just look at the creamy and bright whites all mixed together in these photos.  One of our favorite projects came from the tattered note paper.  A library  with walls the color of sunlight coming through a honey drizzle.

What about a fawn color palette?  Choose any pup on the left and see that fawn can be interpreted in so many ways.  All good!  The precious, albeit dirty pooch on the right turned into a sunroom with snow-white walls, dark exposed beams and a wooly area rug.  Another “sink your toes into that room” project.


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As we’ve mentioned before, we have archives of photos that we save and use as inspiration.  The slide show above is a sampling of some we have had marked “Creamy Whites”.  All of the photos in this post have been saved over the course of 30+ years.  They have been cut from magazines and saved from digital sources long before we knew to record and credit the photographers.  All have been obtained from public resources previously published.  We appreciate their tremendous talents and welcome information to be able to give proper credit.

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  1. Ok, so choosing the right wall color is a soar spot for me. I painted my dining room FOUR times because it just wasn’t right. Not just a patch, the whole darn thing. And like an idiot I decided to put chair rail and other details around the room so there are a lot of cut lines to do. So annoying. I love a nice clean white color palate room and the ones above are lovely

    1. We see this all the time with initial consultations. Life is too short to fuss over paint!

    1. Thank you! Our IT guys have drilled that concept into our heads for 9 mos now!

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