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Motivational Monday

Interior Design Should Be Tailored To Fit You

anna wintour Create your own style quote

Just as we create our own fashion style over the years, we curate our homes.  A vintage pair of jeans, a favorite chair we can’t part with. Both so common and yet unique because of their style.  Our style.  Our comfort zone.   On Motivational Monday lets take a look at  how fashion and decor often go hand in hand.

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Whew It’s Wednesday 

How Does A Designer Nail A Paint Color Every Time? How can you?

house beautiful marble bathroom with shades of white paint, chrome and white round globe statement chandelier , marble tub, white glass tall storage cabinets

It’s so easy to look at a photo in a magazine, on Pinterest or Instagram and identify with the decor of a particular room.  To see ourselves living in the very space, especially like the one above that are so lovely with layers of a creamy white and off white color palette.  We like it, even love it, and want to recreate the look in our own homes.  How do rooms like these evolve?  How do we choose just the right paints to use the first time around? It can be so simple…

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Friday Favorites 

It’s Five O’Clock Somewhere


Time Zones can play havoc with even the most seasoned of travelers!  Even a simple one hour difference can keep us checking the time.  One thing that does seem to be governed by our internal clock is our beloved happy hours.  Regardless if adult beverages are involved or not, the ritual of winding down the day and preparing nightly rituals is something to look forward to.  Especially on a Friday!

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As always, thanks for spending a few minutes of your week with us.

See you on Motivational Monday!

“A home is not a shelter. It’s your soulmate.”laurel bledsoe

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