Sometimes Home Is A Person

Home Is Where The Heart Is

greta rybus, worn leather jackets and bag hanging on a simple white peg board in a maine seaside cottage

Or maybe it is where we hang our hat, or coat, or any of the numerous bags we all tote from work and school.  Maybe it is where we grab that piece of toast that’s not quite done because we are late running out the door.  Maybe it is the bathtub we’d love to be soaking in if it was not full of all the kid’s toys.  Regardless of what our houses look like, they are our homes simply because of the people in them.

Beth Revis-Sometimes home is a person quote  There are some who have lived in the same dwelling for a very long time and would not consider leaving the place they call “home”.  Then there are the rest of us.  The movers.  The ones who get the itch to move on a whim and enjoy every minute of it.  That would be Mr. LBD. This week we are celebrating our anniversary.  We’ve lived in almost as many houses as years we’ve been married.  It’s a large number for both!   Friends often ask us what has been our favorite home?  The answer for me is always the same…the one we are living in now.  Because it’s not really the house around us, it’s us in the house that makes it our home.  

Small Dress 1

It’s Motivational Monday…what makes a house your home?

They are our homes because of a mom who makes mini buttercream cupcakes and cherishes the moments watching her kids peel away the paper and dive in.  goodie thinks food is a family affair and doesn’t let multiple moves from house to house stop her from making each one their home.

goodie godmother mini buttercream cupcakes on tatted doily

They are our homes because kitchens are universal.  They all have a central purpose to feed our bodies and our souls.  The kitchen is the heart of every home.

remodelista Kitchen with gray and white checkerboard floor  and wooden stool near center island laid out with food

Our homes are the worlds we create.  The start and finish of each day we can count on.


Our homes are the places a wrinkled table cloth, soup with cheese and crackers and a bottle of table wine can become an impromptu feast for your best buds.

Food 52 Table with linen table cloth and white dishes, cheese and crackers with olives and white wine and coffee

sometimes the most ordinary things quote

Home is where we finally teach our grandson to play with the chess set, not worried that he’ll lose a piece.  It’s where he now beats us on a regular basis.

dixionrye wood worn wood chess pieces

A home is a bathroom filled with memories of all the splashing kiddos who have graced your tub wanting to stay in “just a few more minutes”.

greta rebus claw foot bath tub with metal shower curtain ring look out open window onto grassy meadow

See The History Behind This Tub -One Family Made A Compound Their Home

In closing….

 For us, home is anywhere we are as a pair.



Thank you Mr. LBD for being so consistently charming and making our home wherever we are.  As we come up to our anniversary, I wish to renew the contract for another year.

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    1. Thanks…please pass on site along to others. We want everyone to feel good about their homes!

  1. I love this, Laurel. Truly, it is the people and moments we share that create a beautiful home. Sometimes it’s so easy to get caught up in making everything look perfect, but in the end making each other feel loved and safe is what is most important. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a wonderful week celebrating togetherness.

    1. Thank you! Our homes do play an important role in doing just want you say.

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