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Three weeks into the fall and we’ve yet to hear of anyone who does not love this season!  On the contrary, most people are just giddy about the changes that come after the heat of the summer and before the chill of winter.  Our homes play such a big part in the feeling of fall.  For Friday Favorites let’s share ways we all will enjoy our homes this season.

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Fall is a feeling.  It’s the way the sun changes the colors we see.  The smell of falling leaves and first fires in our chimney.  The warmth of the oven taking the chill off the kitchen as we hold off just a bit longer turning on the heat.  It’s our families taking the time to stop and inhale what is coming for dinner.  It’s Fall.  The time we come back into our homes and let them work their magic!

Friday Favorites…Here We Go!

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Hot tea that is.  Making a pot, or even a cup of tea takes a little time.  It’s more of a ritual than brewing a cup of coffee and seems more calming somehow.  Do you have a teapot?  When is the lat time you used it?  Why not keep it out and use it everyday? Fall is a great time to spend a few minutes seeping a good cup to savor.

Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 8.41.14 PM

Tea Pot -And Others Like It


  As the days get shorter, nothing says Fall like the smell of baked goods.  Baking in the Fall is personal.  It’s for our families and without any obligation like we will have for the Holidays coming up.  Take a look at these “just because” and “I love you guys” sweet rolls.  Emily @gatheranddine has this all figured out!  Check out her site to see how often she uses this perfectly simple white baking dish to show her family what kitchens are all about.

gatheranddine- Nothing says fall like a dish of sweet rolls in a simple white baking dish!

See Recipe and Revol Bakeware at the link below.

Gather and Dine Website



Next up are the smells that make everyone hover about the kitchen before it’s time for dinner.  Fall is all about one pot meals and spices!  Every family has a few go to recipes.  Want to feel like a TV Top Chef, or a famous Food Blogger?  Measure out your spices in small dishes before hand.  It’s called Mise en place and will make you want to do your own enticing photo shoots!  Kate @kjandcompany has mastered the roasted chicken in her charming blue French Oven.  Check out her site below to see how this young gal has already figured out the kitchen is her happy place!

kjandcompany-roasted chicken in blue french oven pot

See Recipe at the link below

KJ and Company Website

We could not find the same French Oven as Kate has, however, here is one in a sassy green color.  The Staub Laurel loves.  Earlier sunsets and cast enamel pots just go together!


Screen Shot 2017-10-12 at 8.52.53 PM

Le Creuset 4 1/2-Quart French Oven



Staub 4 Quart French Oven


Many have boxes of seasonal decorations and are itching to get them all out of their hiding places to be front and center each holiday.  (side note:  our recommended organizer just helped a client get her holiday decor ready to go see the photos on Ashley’s Facebook page)  Others, like my partner who becomes a combo of the Grinch and Mrs. Scrooge soon, hyperventilate at the thought of any more “stuff” around.  Her Fall/Halloween decor consists of one pumpkin, the size of a flattened out baseball, with a face and tongue sticking out!  She’d rather use consumables and everyday items to flow into the season she loves best.

Deeper colored beverages, with a few added embellishments can say Fall.  Crate and Barrel has some knock out videos on their Instagram page that inspire us to take a few more minutes and make happy hour cozy.  Using grape juices, even the kiddos can become mixologists!

Liking and not already a subscriber?  You can sign up now and then get back to the warm and fuzzy’s!

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Orange says Fall over and over again!  It’s a happy and sultry color.  Change up a few of your everyday items to add just an “ah-ha…why didn’t I think of this before” moment for your kitchen.  Wouldn’t this teapot/teaboxes and creamer (look close) all look great on your table for a girlfriend chat?   Lot’s of catching up can happen while the tea seeps.

Fall flowers are just about the perfect accessory for this time of year.  They can be rather simple and yet have so much impact.  Being inside more we can really enjoy them.  Look at the amazing close up below from one of our followers on instagram  letsdabbleboutique.  Even a single stem of one of these in a white vase can change your entire counter top! Beautiful Fall Zinnia

Speaking of simply perfect, look at the kitchen of virtual assistant Hillari Williams, and how she “decorated” for Fall with one single pumpkin.

What about simply creating a photo file on our phone to zip thru with all kinds of Fall feelings as we wait in line, wait for an appointment, get our hair cut, wind down the work day?  Looking at beautiful photos is an art in itself.  Really ambitious?  Make the photos you find into your own Fall coffee table book and sit and look at them with that cup of tea.


Glass Artist Dale Chihuly…A Good Place to Start Your Hunt


Dale -Isn’t he a cool looking dude?


Fall is a fuzzy time.  It’s time to pull out the socks and sweaters we wear around the house with our favorite jeans.  Time to cuddle up with a throw while we watch that Netflix series that has made binge watchers out of so many of us.  Time to rethink our laze around Sunday morning beds.  Time to show our pets how much they mean to us.  (Getting the new puppy is entirely up to you!)


Remember our past post on bed linens?

See The Link Here- Comfortable Luxury


There you have it!  Five ways we are going to enjoy the home we’ve lovingly created. 


Tell us about how you use your home during the fall season? See the comment section below!

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    1. The world is very small…especially for bloggers. I think there must be a gene we share!

  2. Fall is indeed a favorite season for many. I love everything about it, the weather the colors and slowing down and relaxing at home. Baking is my favorite Fall activity so I am off to check out your links! Have a wonderful weekend.

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    1. Until we started blogging, we had no idea how many fellow “fallers” there are!

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