Does Your Home Have A Blemish Or Two?



If not…maybe you need to talk with us.

A messy bed with all white linens, and art on what askew. via pinterest

The beds didn’t get made before the day took off.  Artwork is askew, that is if that last vacation shot is even framed and hung.  Photos are fuzzy and work lurks unfinished on our desks.  The wood floor has a life’s worth of scratches.  The bath is no where close to the spa retreat we crave and we still have to clean the renovated kitchen.  Sound like somewhere you know?

“In the design world, less than perfect is always more interesting than what we perceive to be “perfect”.  The Japanese have it nailed  with something they call Wabi-Sabi.

The Acceptance Of Imperfection.  

zen-vita charming wabi sabi  bowl with gold leaf repair

Zen Vita

For example, a piece of pottery is not discarded when there are a few cracks.  The cracks are celebrated!  A simple bowl…becomes art!

Call it character, personality, tres chic or whatever gives you peace and confidence equally with your home’s decor.   A collected and curated home is always, always the one that everyone wants to be in and secretly yearns to copy.  You can’t buy this “feeling” at a furniture store!  You can achieve this.  You probably have many of the components at your finger tips…


theordore roosevelt said it best.."comparison is the thief of joy"


Small Dress 1

This Motivational Monday take a look at these perfectly imperfect homes!

Perhaps Practice Some Wabi-Sabi?


Whose to say if the painting of the room is finished or not.  Regardless, it’s easy to see that life moved forward with this cozy spot.  Perhaps the painter decided they needed a break and some inspiration from the picture book while lounging in front of a fire.  Nothing fancy here.  Just a real life room complete enough to enjoy.  Even if you are the best DIY’er around, spending a few hours with a virtual designer can assure the results you are looking for.

Wabi Sabi In Action At Parisan Cafe

The cafe owner really took the Wabi-Sabi seriously and did not let a few broken tiles get in the way of creating a chic, every one wants to be there, bistro.  The defect is the decor.  Savvy designer!

Dreaming of a knock out holiday table this year?  Perhaps you don’t have enough place settings for all who want to dine with you!  Uncle Joe broke a plate last year “helping” you clear, or you are not going to go buy new just to accommodate one meal.  Mix up what you have, borrow from your bestie or hit the Goodwill and create a table so cool everyone will be snapping photos!  Need a little confidence? We’ve helped clients do dry runs of their holiday tables.  Yes, really.  Even once by Facetime.

crate and barrel mixed wine glasses ...they are all vessels...let happy hour begin williams sonoma knows that it's chic to have mismatched wine glasses!

How many times do we see photos of trays and bar carts all set up with the same glasses lined up ready to go?  The beverages and set ups yes, the glassware, no, that never happens at our house.  The sure way to break a glass is to have it belong to a set!  Take it from the big boys above and create your own mismatch.  Truth…some nights a sippy cup would be just fine!

Need more closet space? How about a simple white garment rack with a weeks worth of clothing, shoes, handbag and accessories -via stylebee

Suffering from closet envy yet not ready for a complete overhaul?  Start small with a garment rack full of your favorite things.  Or, build your weekly wardrobe over the weekend to make mornings stress free.  Add a full length mirror and you’ve got a dressing room!  What about something similar for the kiddo’s?  You may have a budding fashion designer!  When you are ready for the closet make over, working with a designer can show you all the options.  Read a past post about a clients emergency closet virtual design plan “Breaking Point” Here

Got a bath that is 100% serviceable, maybe even renovated not long ago but is not as zen as you’d like?  Talk with a designer and learn how to work with what you have.  All you will need to add are the candles.

"everything is possible"
“everything is possible”

Over the years, our firm has pretty much seen every imperfection in a house.  Many times what we see as needing work and what you see are very different.  Wood floors are on the top of the wish list for homeowners.  Not all wood floors need refinishing.  When they do, this is a project best left to professionals.  Solid surface counter tops and stainless steel appliances are the other things high on the wish list.  Unfortunately, we see clients who have made rushed decisions they regret.  Not doing projects in a chronological order, within a realistic time frame or budget is stressful.  Use the right designer and a little wabi-sabi and it will be fun!  You may not need as many costly renovations as you think.

Got Kid's?  Then you have your very own Wabi-Sabi going on!

Got Kids?

You’ve got lots of opportunity to practice Wabi-Sabi!

See Our Pinterest Board On Kid’s Rooms Here

Today I will be happier than a bird with a french fry...because today I Hired An Interior Designer!

Because I Talked With The Right Interior Designer!

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12 thoughts on “Does Your Home Have A Blemish Or Two?”

  1. Living in a house that was built in the 1800’s, blemishes are a way of life. I’ve learned to live with the ones we cannot fix. Sorry you didn’t like the book I recommended. Have a good week.

    1. Oh I liked the book…just kidding that you could of cut to the chase and given me the shopping Oliphant!

    2. Hi Katie- I did like the book, Eleanor Oliphant, and always enjoy your book recommendations I was kidding a bit….when you said a retailer made you think of the book! It’s already another weekend so hope to squeeze in some reading!

  2. I think most of the blemishes of a house give it character. There are some that character aside I simply do not like.

    As I age I care less and less about living a “perfect” life.

  3. I think especially the blemishes make our homes to our homes 🙂 The wall on our fire place has e. g. a blemish – but I know it is our wall and I like it 🙂

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