Does Your Front Door Reflect Your Personality?

What Does The Color Of Your Front Door Say About You?

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Eleven Door Paint Colors And What They Can Say About You!

Onto Friday Favorites!


Every home has an address.  An identifier for the world to know when we abide.  An unique set of numbers that belongs to the ones that occupy the structure.  In today’s world of advanced technology, this system is holding it’s own.  Think about it, without identifying our specific location, how would we get all he packages we now order online each day.  UPS delivers 15.8 million packages a day, Fed Ex 9 million and this is not counting the good old post office which is now being used by the two services above for overflow.  It is important for our homes to be able to identify themselves.

All House Numbers Photos via Pinterest 


What has fallen out of favor for alerting us to a delivery, or a friend’s arrival, are the door knockers.  It is a shame.  What a wonderful way to let everyone know a little more about us and what makes us tick.  Sort of a preview, or warning! of what awaits inside.  A wonderful way to get our “live” doorbell barking which we never fail to hear.

All Door Knocker’s Photos via Pinterest


The front door, the main door, the entry, the foyer door, the door we never use….whatever you call it…it is our home’s signature.  This is where we make the statement that gives clues to who we are, or who we want to be. What color should it be?


Small Dress 1


Stained Wood Entry Door -via Pinterest

Wood, stained and varnished doors are standard in many homes.  Rich and beautiful yet hard to maintain in most climates.  Wood doors are expensive from the onset and often end up getting painted in their lifetimes.  This Friday lets look at some favorite color combinations that will really reflect who you are!


Yellow is a color that is not immediately considered when contemplating an exterior door color.  This is why we chose to make it first….it’s such a wonderful addition to so many exteriors!


Another color family that does not come to mind right away….all of the shades of white.  Talk about making a striking impact with such a simple choice.


Many of the most beautiful homes we have had the privilege to work on have doors that are a tad unexpected.  They stretch outside the box and wow us all. Want to consider a new statement color for your home?  We’d be happy to do a quick virtual consultation to get you started.  Learn More Here


A classic color with a lot of history.  A little tricky to get the best hue sometimes but worth the effort.


The architecture, the landscape surroundings and the way natural light falls on a structure are important factors to consider when choosing a color for the most important door of our homes.

Small Dress 2


Moving onto the colors of nature.  Soothing and grounded no matter the shade.


Ah, the new grey.  Not really.  Grey has been used on the exterior of homes for centuries.  Brown Grey, Green Grey, Blue Grey, Black Grey….so many choices.


Traditional, transitional, modern are all homes that can rock a black door.  Sometimes considered the safe way to go, a black door can offer a fresh design.


Lastly, pink.  Yes pink!  For black or white houses, which are the two most popular colors for exterior home designs, any of the charming shades of pink are among the fastest growing paint choices.  We agree, it is a very welcoming and appealing idea!

No matter what color your door is now, it is an area of your home that is easy to change.  One of our dearest client has lived in her beloved home for years and the door has been most of these colors.  Every one of them just perfect for her littleblackdomicile!  Ready to see what your door say about you…..


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Eleven Door Paint Colors And What They Can Say About You!

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7 thoughts on “Does Your Front Door Reflect Your Personality?”

  1. Now that we live in a townhouse, we can’t characterize our front door like we did in our other place. But before here, we had a yellow door (even the gate of the fence was yellow to match) and I loved it!!

  2. I totally agree, that it does reflect the inhabitants. It’s more difficult to do something when you’re renting. I would love to add some pink color to our door!

    1. If you are not in a condo or apt…ask the landlord. You never know till you ask! Pink is definitely on the move for the design savvy!

  3. Oh, this is interesting! First our front door was white but I didn’t like this colour for our front dorr and therefore we changed the colour in red 🙂 I like the result and btw our house number is 1a what I like, too!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

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