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A Pile of Happy Black Jack O Lanterns via Pintrest


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Motivational Monday

Does Your Home Have A Blemish Or Two?

zen-vita wabi-wabi gray rice bowl with gold leaf crack repair

In the design world, less than perfect is always more interesting than what we perceive to be “perfect”.  The Japanese have it nailed  with something they call Wabi-Sabi.  The Acceptance of Imperfection.


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Whew It’s Wednesday 

The Best Open Shelving For Under $30 photo of ikea EBKY shelf with bourbon bottle and mustard colored ceramic pot full of spoons

Look at 10 photos of kitchen, or bath, renovations today and a good percentage of them will utilize open wall shelving.  Sure they look attractive but will open shelves really work in our homes or is this a look best suited for the magazines only?  We found a way to use them….

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Friday Favorites 

Does Your Front Door Reflect Your Personality?

copper crabshell door knocker on gray door via pinterest

The front door, the main door, the entry, the foyer door, the door we never use….whatever you call it…it is our home’s signature.  This is where we make the statement that gives clues to who we are, or who we want to be. What color should it be?


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Front Door Paint Colors Free Giveaway

On Friday’s post we shared some amazing photos of front doors using 11 different colors.  An email download of all 11 colors personalities is free to new subscribers to littleblackdomicile

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“A home is not a shelter. It’s your soulmate.”laurel bledsoe

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