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Rustic Breakfast- Pewter Teapot, Sticky Cinnamon Buns, Linen Napkins on Wood Table-via Raquel Carmona

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Motivational Monday

The Best Interior Designers Are The Best Listeners

A good life is not a place at which you arrive, it is a lens through which you see and create your world.” ― Jonathan Fields

With technology today, we all have an image of what we think our homes should look like.  What they should convey to the world and endless sources telling us how to achieve this very thing.  To some extent this has always been the case.


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Whew It’s Wednesday 

This Free Interior Design Feature Is Already In Your Home

Greta Rybus Kitchen With Rustic Wood Beam Ceiling, Farmhouse Sink, Copper Pots Hanging From Ceiling  and Wood Counter Tops

Head over to the post and find out where this free design feature is in your home.

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Friday Favorites 

5 Types Of Lighting For Savvy First Time Home Owners

If you remember from our previous post, Oh My Goodness…We Own A House! , our plan for the house is to work with the integrity of the architecture and mix in our style.  One way to blend the old and the new in a house is with lighting.

Mixed Metal and Glass Wall Sconces Are Perfect For Make Up Areas


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Motivational Monday!

Sweet Melissa Gift Box- A Collaboration For

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“A home is not a shelter. It’s your soulmate.”laurel bledsoe

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