The 5 Best Ways To Stay Motivated Writing A Blog-An Interior Designer’s View

Staying motivated while writing a blog can be a bit daunting at times.  Especially when you are new at it!

BLOG – A regularly updated website or web page, typically one run by an individual or small group, that is written in an informal or conversational style.

A year ago, our design firm Laurel Bledsoe Design, did not have a blog.  Reading a blog about a subject we are interested in is a pleasurable experience.  Something to look forward to when the author posts a new article.  Our favorite bloggers post on a schedule we expect and somehow they never let us down.  Now that we write Little Black “domicile”!, we understand how important it is to stay motivated.

Collaborate With People You Can Learn From-Pharrell


One of the best ways to stay motivated when writing a blog is to collaborate with other bloggers.  Today, we’d like to introduce you to Melissa Miller and share our story.

Sweet Melissa Desserts Working On A Batch Of Her Homemade Caramels for Talk About Motivation!


Small Dress 1

Melissa and I met this past summer at a photography workshop for food bloggers which was offered by a gal we both admired.  Read The Post Here We both walked away from the sessions with new realizations.  For me, an admiration for all the young entrepreneurs that are using blogs as a part of their young businesses.  For Melissa, she shared that she came away from the workshop knowing more about how she wanted to move forward with her dessert business.

Sweet Melissa Desserts

Melissa has a passion for baking because it reminds her of all the special times she had with her Grandmother.  Making caramels is one of these memories.  I inquired if she would be open to developing a gift box for our company.

Melissa sent a test batch of her caramels to see how they would arrive and to learn more about what she might need to do for future packaging.  We chose to refrigerate the box when it arrived.  This wasn’t necessary, but did slow down the consumption for about a nano second.  These caramels are fabulous!  A young professional woman deciding to make her memories a part of her future is priceless.

CollaborateWith People You Can Learn From-2

Select A Team

Next Melissa went to work, not only making her caramels for others to enjoy, but also developing packaging that is representable of our firm.  Just as we collaborate with our clients to design interiors that are perfect for their homes, Melissa designed her product to fit our goal of creating a small gift for our firm.

CollaborateWith People You Can Learn From

Trust The Process

One thing I’ve learned being in a small business for so many years, is that trying to do everything ourselves is counter productive.  Talented people with resources to share are in abundance.   Therefore, choosing a team to work with is essential for success.  Motivation comes from choosing the right team to surround us.

CollaborateWith People You Can Learn From-3

Let The Team Work

Melissa is growing her business daily.  She is exploring the avenues she wants to pursue.  Baking workshops, an upcoming online sweets store, and local in-store pop ups are all opportunities she is crafting in her success.  We are so pleased with the collaboration of our two companies.  It is exciting.


Melissa Miller of sweetmelissadesserts

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Staying Motivated Means To Never Stop Growing

During our maiden year of blogging, we’ve been told that big bloggers help big bloggers and small bloggers help small bloggers.  We’ve experienced this mindset.  We ask, what constitutes a big blog or a small blog?  The number of readers or the quality of readers?    This blog was created at the request of our wonderful clients who remain interested in new and innovative interior design, by our invaluable resources who know that social media is where businesses must be and by the very team members we have chosen to surround ourselves with.  Our blog is bigger than it was on day one, it is bigger than it was yesterday.  Because of the collaborations we choose to do with all bloggers we have a connection with, we will continue to be one of the richest blogs around.


In closing, we are a blog about interior design. We chat about all things to enjoy in the wonderful place we call home.  We know we have something in common…if you’d like to explore the opportunity

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9 thoughts on “The 5 Best Ways To Stay Motivated Writing A Blog-An Interior Designer’s View”

  1. Terrific post, Laurel. Some brilliant insights on teamwork and motivation and Melissa’s products look amazing. Well done to all on the collaboration, Lxx

  2. I love collaborating with other bloggers too!! It’s always amazing to me how everyone interprets an idea so differently!! And we learn so much from each other!!
    Thanks for the intro to Melissa and I love reading your blog, Laurel!!

    1. You are right about everyone looking at the same subjects differently. That is what makes us all so interesting. I find when I spend 30 minutes with some one actually “talking” we find common ground very quickly. What’s that saying…It’s A Small World. Put your thinking cap on…surely we have a subject we “meld” on to collaborate about. Fashion and decor are so closely related.

      1. We should absolutely work together!! This year’s a little busy, but I’ll put you on the calendar for next year, if that works for you. We can always focus on a color??
        But if you have another idea, I’m always open to it!!
        My email is!!

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