Guest Rooms – 8 Foolproof Ways To Get Ready For The Holidays


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Webster’s dictionary gives us a simple definition of a bedroom.  A place for sleeping.  Technically, this is accurate .  We do use these rooms to strive for our recommended 8 hours of shut eye each day.   Yet, aren’t these spaces the very rooms we want to be the perfect retreat for our guests?  Yes, they certainly are.  The biggest season for guests is just around the corner.  Is getting your guest room ready on the “to do” list?

For many of us, furnishing the quest room is not a priority until it is needed.  And when we need it, we want it to be just right.  The problem lies when we realize we have a short time to create what we envision.  We have clients that ask us to help them design a guest room quickly and within a preset budget.  We do this, but we’d much rather help you curate a guest room that is always ready.  

We’ve got a few weeks yet before the holidays arrive.  Let’s chat about what to consider when getting your guest room ready for the ones you care most about.

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# 8 Decide What Types Of Beds Work Best For Your Guests

Start by thinking ahead to who will use this guest room most of the time.  In our design firm, we have seen clients prepare choice guest rooms with king beds aiming to recreate master bedrooms.  Smaller size rooms with king size beds can become crowded and leave little room for other comforts that guests would enjoy.

Instead of a king bed, will a queen bed work for couples staying as guests?  Would Grandma rather have a really nice single bed and a get-away sitting area when she visits?  What about twin beds?  Not only are they great for kids, they also work well for a various combination of guests. What will work for you the majority of the time is often what will make your guests feel the most comfortable as well.

# 7 Use Less and Multi Function Furniture In Your Guest Room

So many conventional layouts for a guest bedroom are a center bed and a pair of night stands with a dresser across from the bed.  Some of us even try to cram in the chest that went with the said bedroom “suite”.  Yep, we have seen it over and over with our client asking what can they do to get the guest room in their Pinterest pages.


  • Instead of a pair of matching night stands, use something that can be a desk/vanity with a small chair or stool, on one side of the bed.  Place a large mirror over this piece.  It will free up valuable shared bathroom time.  Guests will have a spot to charge electronics (out of your kitchen) and can catch up on work emails in the privacy of the bedroom before/after the festivities start.
  • Only keep the dresser/chest (and only one of them) if at least the top drawers are empty for guests to use.
  • Benches at the end of the bed, or under a window, will become the luggage valet first.  Next they will be a place to sit for putting on shoes or flinging clothes not making it to the closet.  Benches with storage can house extra pillows and blankets of different weights for every need.
  • We keep an individual cup coffee maker on the dresser for our guests.  The supplies are in the top dresser drawer with a few “emergency” snacks.  With a few bottles of water, they are able to stay in the comfort of the bed a bit longer each morning.  This same theory can be repeated for wine bed time with a little planning!

# 6 Have At Least Two Lamps In The Room


The most chic guest bedroom decor will be a flop if the room is too dark or our guests do not know where the lamps turn on/off.  Plan on at least two lamps.  One on a night table that can be turned off while in bed.  A second lamp can be placed on the flat surface we talked about in the multi function section above.  Having one on a switch at the entrance of the room is a plus.  Overhead lighting on dimmer is a wonderful way to add to the decor.

# 5 Use Upholstered Furniture

Using upholstered furniture in a guest room will not only offer soft, appealing surfaces to use, it will also give the room some sound protection.  A room with some fluff cuts down on the echo effect which makes the room more cozy and inviting.

  • If you have the room, a comfy chair with a small table will give your guests a place to unwind or ease into the day.  Tip:  The nursery glider rockers are a favorite of many long after the baby days are past.
  • Upholstered headboards are comfortable and come in all price points. Breaking up a Bedroom “Suite” with a soft headboard can go a long way in a new decor while absorbing sound.


#4 Allow Space In The Closet

Taking the time to clear out a reasonable amount of hanging space for your guest does two things.  One, it can give you bragging rights that you are so organized you naturally have space for their overnight things.  Two, more seriously, it shows you care about helping them look their best.  Providing the ironing board and iron in the same closet could be discreetly appreciated.  Yes, some people, like Mr. LBD, do still iron!  An empty laundry basket in the bottom of the closet is also a nice add.

#3 Provide Privacy

Simple enough to say, but hard to ask for as a guest.  Make sure the door has a lock.  On the flip side, make sure you can open it if kiddies lock themselves in.  (experience)   Provide window treatments that give privacy.  Even if you live with no neighbors, black glass at night is not comforting.  Home DePot has temporary paper cellular shades you can use for a few days if needed.  If you have followed the other suggestions above, you will have a guest room that allows for some private time out of earshot.  Everyone needs a “me spot” at least once a day!

# 2 Consider The View


Ok, that was mean.  Not many of us can offer this view to our guests!  What we can do is take a few minutes to look at what our guests will be looking at out our windows.  Clean up a bit.  We have a client who decorates out her guest room window every season and her family can’t wait to see what she comes up with each year.  Some people are just over achievers.  We tease her all the time that we are going to move her guest room to the second floor and see what she comes up with!


Spend A Night In Your Own Bed & Bath


Ah, this really is the easiest way to see how our guests are going to feel in our home.  Spending the night in your own guest room let’s you do a test run and appreciate all the efforts you put into making your home welcoming to everyone.

A guest bedroom, and bath, that functions seamlessly without our guests having to ask for something is much more important that the decor.  If something is bugging you about your space, it will bug your guests no matter how good of friends they are.

Clean sheets, and plenty of supplies can make up for the decor plans that may have been pushed to the back burner (again) this year.  You can always borrow my theory on bed linens, See Our Past Post Here.

If all else fails, even tho we said these ideas were foolproof, you can also do as I do.  Ply your guests with good food and enough adult beverages that they could care less where the light switch to the bedroom is!

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  2. Great tips! I have a guest room but its never been used. My entire family lives in town so…..Maybe someday I will use it.

    1. Oh you will have to watch for a future post we have about how to use guest rooms when there is not a need for overnights!

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    1. Thank you! Watch Friday for the finishing touches for any guest space….does not have to be a separate room.

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    1. Thank you! Our guests are so important to all of us. A little extra prep makes the visit so much nicer.

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