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What will your guests find in their bedroom this holiday season?  What small things do you like to provide for your overnight guests?  You know what we are talking about, the things that show how much you’ve looked forward to their visit and how special they are to you.

Small Dress 2

In Wednesday’s post we talked about the “bigger” things to do to get our guest rooms ready for the holidays. Read The Post Here

It’s Friday Favorites so let’s talk about the “extras”!  The non essentials that will soon become the norm at your bed & breakfast!

Super Soft Bedroom Throws

Many of our guests will have fought the holiday travel.  Perhaps a quick nap, or   even just a few minutes to decompress curled up under a soft throw.  It does not have to be “fur like”.  A simple smaller coverlet of any kind is a nice addition to the regular bed linens.

Super soft bedroom throw

A Super Soft Throw- Link Here

Corral Everything In Bedroom Trays

from mydomaine bedroom with wood nightstand, gray woven headboard brass and mirror tray

Trays are mini catch alls.  On night stands, dressers or chests they will give guests a place to drop small items.  Trays can also protect furniture tops while adding so much to a decor.  Try using the contrast concept when selecting a tray.  A metal tray or painted tray on wood stained top.  A light color tray on a dark surface.  A bright color or black tray on a white furniture top.  Trays are nice…let them be featured.


Brass Mirrored Bedroom Dresser or Nightstand Tray

Love A Mirrored Tray- See This One Here

Candles and Clocks In Bedroom Or Bath

Most of us depend on our phones to tell us the time.  However, when we are on respite from our daily routines, hopefully our phones will not be glued to our hands.  A small clock is nice in the bedroom or even the bath.

The other item really nice to have, especially in a bath, is a candle.  Keep matches ready and your bath can become a little more spa like for your guest.

Natural Wood Clock with Black and White Numbers

Cutie Clock – See Link Here


A Pair Of Candles Under $20!- See Info Here

Let’s Not Air Dirty Laundry

We’ve allowed for clean clothes to be hung up in the neatly organized closet and stored in the empty drawers of the dresser.  How about the finishing touch of a laundry basket?  Make it nice enough to leave out in the room.  Perhaps even a small tag tied on the basket to let guests know you’ve thought of a way to keep clothes separated and out of their way.  Heck, you can even offer the use of your laundry so they return home with all clean clothes.  Think about it….how great would it be to unpack and not have loads of laundry to do.  What a host you are!


Pasted Graphic 1

Woven Laundry Basket For Guest Bedroom

Small Dress 1

Well, Ms. LBD did not leave too many things out in finishing off our guest rooms with flair.  I’ll be the practical one and chat about the unwanted guest in a bedroom…the cravings.  When I know it is not as easy as sneaking  into the kitchen in the middle of the night, is when I am really thirsty or need a snack.  It’s the same feeling as when we are in a hotel, room service is over and  we have no change for the vending machine.  I don’t want our guests to have this same feeling.  Therefore, in addition to a small snack basket, we like to make it easy for beverages.  At least the essentials.

Water Carafe

Bedroom night stand tray with water carafe-onechicretreat photo

Sure, you are allowed to plop down a few water bottles like I do, but if you want to show a little more taste use a water carafe with a real glass.  Using glass is more earth friendly and makes a necessary an accessory.   How chic is this tray on the night table?  Nice thing about a larger unit is that if you have the next item, an individual coffee maker in the bedroom, the water is ready too.

Bedroom Water Carafe

Water Pitcher with Glass In Top – Click Here

Bedroom water carafe with metal cup and lemons

Here’s One With A Metal Cup-Pretty Cool

Monogrammed Liquor Decanter with Glasses

Another option for a water carafe with glasses may be tucked away somewhere in the liquor cabinet.  We have several decanters with heavy glasses that sit unused most of the time.  How cool would this be to have this be on a dresser or night table tray?  You could even have one with scotch and one with water because you know what your guests will like!  Maybe even an uncorked bottle of wine?  I’m sure these glasses will hold wine in a pinch!

Self Serve Coffee

Guests are taking a break from their routine when they visit us.  Creating a retreat for them is thoughtful and very much appreciated.  Being able to have that first, or second cup of coffee in bed is glorious!

white keurig individual coffee maker -

White Individual Coffee Maker – Info Here

AICOK Single Cup Coffee Maker

Single Cup Coffee Maker -Click Here

Don’t Forget The Trash Can


Simply Bedroom Trash Bucket

Simply Chic Trash Bucket – Link Here

Providing a trash can in a guest bathroom is expected.  Having a container especially for trash in a bedroom is another little extra that can keep things in order.  Sure you might have an extra can somewhere, but if you are looking for a new one this one is fun!  If I am your guest, try not to be judgemental that it is full of the papers from the snacks you so graciously provided.

That’s it.  Another week in the books!  Before you go, we’d like to invite you to pass on littleblackdomicile to a friend.   We’d like to double our readership before the end of the year and we all know how close that is.



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