Thanksgiving Table Settings And A Few Holiday Tips

Need Ideas For Your Holiday Table Settings?

Apartment 34 Knows How To Set A Holiday Table

Photo via Apartment 34 

Ok, it’s time to get serious about Thanksgiving plans and this includes how are you going to set the table?   Today we will show you some of our Holiday Tablescapes On Our Pinterest Board.  


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Yep we better get started!

Essential Thanksgiving Table Manners

To start, since nearly 50% of us (and I think this is a generous number) don’t sit at a table for dinner, we may need a refresher on table manners.  Go ahead, you can read these while you are sitting at the island or in front of the TV, which are the two most popular places for dinners at home.




It’s Showtime For Our Dining Rooms

Designers help our clients create beautiful dining rooms that become toy rooms, offices, project areas and “just put it in there” rooms a big part of the year.  However, between Thanksgiving and Christmas these babies shine.  It’s fun to decorate for the holidays!  At Thanksgiving, the decor comes from the table settings.

Our Suggestions of Table Settings On Pinterest

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west elm dinnerware

Photo Above via West Elm 


The Informal Table Setting

This one makes me laugh a bit.  To us, a bowl and a spoon count as an informal dinner setting.  But since its Thanksgiving we will quietly agree.



kj&company thanksgiving dinner table setting

Photo Above via KJ&Company


Get The Conversation Started

Aten all the planning and prep, there is still one job left for the host.  Getting an interesting, neutral conversation started in which everyone can contribute is not an easy task.  Going around the table to say what we are thankful for takes about 5 minutes.  Current events can be a bombshell and “How about those Cubs?” is over for the next 108 years.  Here’s a few topics I’ll be bringing to the table this year.

  • What city would you like to live in other than your own? Why?
  • If you could have named yourself, what name would you have picked? Let Gram/Gramp start for obvious reasons.
  • Going around the table, name one food for each letter of the alphabet. You start with something creative like Ambrosia and see where this goes. blog fall table setting

Photo via homeyohmy

Now we are getting somewhere.  But just to back up the above statement, #13 is the most important item on this list.  It’s used after all the other items are long cleared.  I state my case.



Keep The Kitchen Clear By Setting Up A Drink Table

I have no idea who Jeffrey Billhuber is, but he has an excellent point.  Getting the drink station out of the kitchen is a wonderful idea.  Agree it is a nice welcome, but mostly it keeps the counters clear for all the other stuff that’s coming out of the oven or refrigerator.



There’s Always Room For One More


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  1. Hi Laurel, beautiful post with some really helpful tips. We don’t celebrate Thanksgiving here in the UK and I think it’s such a lovely occasion. We’ll be thinking of you on Thursday, Lxxx

  2. My mother always set a beautiful table. She did it the day before the event. She noted that it made her feel “ready” (early) for the event.

  3. Post Update: Our sincere apologies to Tara of the lehmanlane blog.
    We used one of her photos form 2015, obtained from and open source online. She has requested removal of the photo. Below is the proper link to her site.

    She is a talented photographer and blogger!

    1. Interesting question. Best I can say is they will Google it if we all let them know that table setting is a “thing’! I love seeing kids combine technology with experience.

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