Our Favorite Friday

Is Black Friday But Not Because Of The Sales

My Scandinavian Home White Dining Table in Light Filled Kitchen
photo courtesy My Scandinavian Home


As always, Thanksgiving 2017 was filled with good food, fond memories and lot’s of laughter with friends and families.  Across America retailers are in high gear to save us money as we enter the holiday season.  Because of the “food and too much fun” coma I’m still in, Black Friday sales hype can make me feel overwhelmed.  So years ago, we decided to pass on the sales and make today our Favorite Friday for another reason. It’s a day to clear our minds just as we cleared off the table from the big feast yesterday.

Black Friday Is Our Favorite Friday To Unwind and Recharge

One of the ways I, and so many other designers, unwind is to look through our photo archives.  In my mind, the old saying, “A photo is worth a thousand words.” can also be translated into, “A great photo needs no words.”   Scandinavian design always conjures up peaceful thoughts for me.  The images in today’s post are from the blog My Scandinavian Home, a site I can spend a few minutes, or hours, on to unwind and recharge.

Ease Into The Day


My Scandinavian Home- Fluffy Bed Linens and Morrocan Headboard
photo courtesy My Scandinavian Home

We are fortunate to have this day after Thanksgiving off from our usual routine.  It’s almost like a “free day”.  The weekend is still coming to do the normal errands and prep for the next workweek.  So let’s ease into the day.  Perhaps grab your morning beverage and lounge a bit in bed?

Enjoy Your Workspace In A Different Way


Scandinavian Home Office Work Station Under Open Stairway
photo courtesy My Scandinavian Home

Working from home, or even working on personal tasks in a home office, is not always rejuvenating.  However, on a day like today, playing with personal photos is something I look forward to.  Organizing and getting photos into order is a tedious task, especially when rushed.  However, watching everyone enjoy these albums is priceless and so worth the effort.

The Afternoon Nap


My Scandinavian Home-Cozy Reading Nook
photo courtesy My Scandinavian Home

Today is a day we will find cozy spots to read and listen to music while we doze on and off.  Or, a full fledge nap might happen.  No rules for this day!  Remember this  Need a little Nooky  post?

This Favorite Friday Is A Day To Enjoy Our Home


My Scandinavian Home- Styled Barcart
photo courtesy My Scandinavian Home

Lastly, we will use today to “play house”.  Today we may start pondering the Christmas decorations that will probably go up this weekend.  I’ll look around and decide what changes need to happen to make room for the festive items we cherish.  As we move things around, I’ll take the time say thanks, one more time this weekend, to this mere structure that always has our backs.  There’s no place like home.

Thank you for spending a few minutes of your

holiday weekend with us.  

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