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5 Steps To A Personalized Gallery Wall

Yes, to finish off the week, we are still talking about displaying art, pictures, photos, and gallery walls.  However, today we would like to officially kick off the Christmas month with a small challenge.  And don’t worry, even if you don’t know the answer, you can have the festive recipe for a Christmas Sangria by kjandcompany anyway!

“What do a holiday recipe and a gallery wall have in common?


KJ&Company  Christmas Sangria

kjandcompany Christmas Sangria Recipe Here

The Best Thing About Writing A Blog?

Is meeting other bloggers!  Last summer at a photography workshop, I met Kate, the mastermind behind kj&company.co blog.  When I first started following her blog, I would have described it as a food blog.  However, Kate writes about so much more.  Her current post is about bathing suits.  Yep, in the middle of winter, how cool is this?!

E Design & Virtual Interior Design Services

Our interior design firm, Laurel Bledsoe Design, has used virtual design with our clients for years…way before it was a “thing”.  Technology, online resources and the savviest of clients has allowed us to offer this type of service to even more clients.  We were thrilled to be able to work with Kate while she put the finishing touches on her new home.  The Baby BFF (Best Friend Forever) is a popular package that allows us all to work together with you in the comfort of your jammies!

The Baby BFF Virtual Interior Design Package with littleblackdomicile.com

Click Here To Learn More About Our Standard E Design Package

Kate and her husband, like so many of our clients, had already done a great job designing and building their home.  Using our E Design services, we were able to give them some options for furnishings and decor.  Part of the package included suggestions for art.  This is where we will tell you what the Sangria and a gallery wall have in common!

kj&company Kitchen and Eating Area

KJ&company kitchen and eating area

See the wall above all the shoes on the floor? (she was still unpacking but had flowers on the island!!)  Instead of a ready made, or even custom piece of art by someone else, we suggested a gallery wall of Kate’s blog shots.

Creating A Personalized Gallery Wall

Below are two design boards we presented to Kate with photos off her site. We played with some graphics to show her a design concept for her home.  We suggested that she use frames where she could change out the photos and have a constantly changing gallery wall of something she is so passionate about.  And what a conversation starter for all the friends and family they entertain.  I can picture everyone searching the wall for new photos every time they are treated to Kate’s dinners.  Fun!

littleblackdomicile virtual design services for kjandcompany

littleblackdomicile virtual design services for kjandcompany

When using our E Design, or Virtual Design Packages, we provide links to the suggestions we make as a starting point to your purchasing.  We will suggest sizes, finishes and offer any trade discounts we might have to our clients.  Below is the link for a frame with mat from Target that we use often.  Easy peasy for framing for about $12!

Target White Matted Frames

Target White Matted Frames Link Here

The DIY 5 Step Gallery Wall

  1.  Choose A Wall In Your Home Where A Group Of Photos Can Be Displayed. Any size wall will work.  Remember from our last post, anytime there is more than one piece we call it a gallery!
  2.  Pick Your Passion.  Family, Food, Animals, Sports, Clothing, Your Business   – All of the Above
  3. Take The Photos . Get prints made.  I use a service vs my printer for quality images.
  4. Choose The Frames.  All the same size and finish.  Mix up the sizes, finishes, repurpose frames you already own.  Paint them?
  5. Hang the pieces.  Again from our last post, you can be precise in the layout or use random abandon which is my personal choice.

A Few Other Interior Design Suggestions

Included in the Baby BFF for Kate were two options for living room art, sofa pillows and seating for her island.   One with a Mid Century design and the other a Farmhouse.  The right designer will always show several options, all equally suited to the structure and existing decor.  Links for all the suggestions were sent via email with the design boards below.

littleblackdomicile e design fun mid century vibe furnishings


littleblackdomicile E design interior design sample board Funky Farmhouse

Food Is Universal

At the time of this post, we are happy to say that Kate is in the process of creating her personalized gallery wall!   She will share the photos of the finished project and we can’t wait to see them!

littleblackdomicile.com and Broma Bakery Ann Arbor Photography Workshop
Broma Bakery Workshop Farewell Breakfast

See Our Post About The Workshop Where Kate And I Met

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Have A Wonderful Weekend!

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    1. Thanks. Another term old designers like me chuckle at…DIY. We’ve always loved our clients who want to get involved. A good design plan with sweat labor is always a success!

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