Holiday Decorating Traditions

Does Anyone Still Use Tinsel?

christmas tree with tinsel and red ball ornaments
photo via WYFF News 4

Boy, is that a blast from the past!  Is tinsel a part of anyone’s holiday decorating anymore?  Did your parents ever “save” the tinsel from year to year making it your job to pick it off the tree?  Regardless of whether or not you use the coveted shiny “icicles”, we bet you have some serious holiday decorating traditions of your own.



Have You Started Your Holiday Decorating?

Last week I read a post from a blogger who was in disbelief that her holiday decorating was not finished.  Finished?!  I’m pretty sure most of last week was still November wasn’t it?

Christmas seems to come earlier each year.  In reality, the season always has about the same number of days and it’s me that puts off decorating longer each year.  It’s not because I am Mrs. Scrooge (well maybe a little).  It is because simply looking at all the amazing work, of both amateur and professional photographers during the season, is inspiring.   From the classics to new ideas,  I truly enjoy looking thru all the photos we have archived. This is when the season begins for me.

Here's To Those Who Inspire You And Don't Even Know IT

Getting Into The Christmas Spirit

No matter if you started decorating on Thanksgiving Day, or wait until Christmas Eve, holiday music is the one thing most of us will agree is a big part of the season.  Who hasn’t danced around singing at the top of their lungs while decorating?  We are all Harry Connick Jr. this time of year and boy are we good!

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So today, on this Motivational Monday, turn on the volume and spend a few minutes looking at some photos from our archives that always inspire us at holiday time.  We hope you enjoy this slide show.


Music by Aaron Neville Louisiana Christmas

Pinterest Holiday Inspiration

In an attempt to get over the fact that our beloved tinsel has fallen out of grace with many holiday decorators, we will be sharing lots of other inspiration for both Christmas and Hanukkah holiday decor.  New pins will be added daily so if you don’t want to miss what is catching our eye this season, please sign up to follow us on Pinterest below.  Like me, you might even find a new decorating tradition that isn’t still hanging around at Easter.


Do You Have YourMistletoe Yet?
Photo via Buzzed

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Thanks for spending a little of your holiday decorating time with us!

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10 thoughts on “Holiday Decorating Traditions”

  1. Yes, I still use tinsel as I like this kind of decoration! And I started to my own surprise already my Christmas decoration and I’m so far happy with the result 🙂 Thanks for the wonderful inspirations!
    xx from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

  2. Great topic and wonderful video! So many great ideas within the video and I love the music. Thank you for keeping me informed and entertained!

  3. I haven’t seen tinsel in years! Do they still sell it? I am already decorated, gifts wrapped and mailed and now on to the fun part, the baking!

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