Never Ask A Gal Her Age While She Is Decorating For Christmas

The Best Christmas Decorations To Use When You Love Your Home!

Never Ask A Girl Her Age @littleblackdomicile
photo via Cat Lacy

It’s very hard to improve on a decor that has been lovingly curated over 20 years.  Especially one where the owner, our client, has the “touch” when it comes to the finishing touches that make every house a home.  So when she asked us to make some suggestions on how to freshen up her Christmas decorations, we had to tip toe outside the design box …again.

Changing Out Accessories At Christmas Time


O Tannenbaum

littleblackdomicile and never ask a gal her age while she is christmas decorating

Our client has created a home that is picture perfect.  And yet this is a home everyone feels like they can curl up and laugh, cry or both.  This is a house to linger in. The best way to describe her decor is to say everywhere you look you can see something of interest.  Therefore, suggesting  new Christmas decor needs to be equally interesting.

While Bowl Of Vintage Christmas Ornaments

How about replacing the tall white vase on the game table with a big bowl filled with vintage ornaments?  Make them all unique, allow touching and let the memories start.  “Oh, my Grandma used to have one of these…..!”  Mix up the metals with the only requirement being the shinier the better.

Use Unexpected, Complimentary Colors For Holiday Decorations


Next suggestion is to use a combination of less than traditional colors for holiday additions.   How about a mix of the rich burgundy, the shimmering gold and the bright magenta for Christmas decorating ribbon?  Using colors in trios, and in colors that are not prevalent in the decor is how to make a seasonal statement.

Never Ask A Gal Her Age Foyer @littleblackdomicile
photo via Cat Lacy

Cranberries are easy to use and are a mix of two of the colors we are suggesting to use to update Christmas Decorations.  Let’s use a tall clear vase, full with berries with a bunch of white poinsettia, to replace the floral urn on the foyer table.


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Decorate The Guest Spots First

Never Ask A Girl Her Age Powder Room  @littleblackdomicile
photo via Cat Lacy

Keep the color trio going in the powder room with a pair of candle sticks turned topiary bases.  Bow’s optional.  Instead of a pump soap, for the holidays, how about a white dish with a golden bar of scented hand soap?  This powder room is nearly 20 years old and I still remember it like it was installed yesterday.  I love the reflection with the mirror placement.


Fireplaces Are For Christmas

Never Ask A Gal Her Age Fireplace @littleblackdomicile
photo via Cat Lacy

True, most of the time, Christmas decorations bring out the best of a fireplace.  However, in this case, only a classic ornament wreath will  add to this already wonderful chimney.  I’d pass on the ribbon and use a wreath as large as possible.

Silver Bells Traditional Christmas Decorations Wreath

On the opposite end of the same room is the TV.  Not too shabby for a little drywall, some 2×4’s and glass shelves.  With some removable Command hooks, I am suggesting a group of wreaths with these casual ribbon tails.  Our client has a collection of Manhattan Glass that would look wonderful all aglow for the season on the mantle.

Never Ask A Gal Her Age Tv Area @littleblackdomicile
photo via Cat Lacy
holtwoodhipster 5 greenery wreaths over fireplace with long ribbon tails
photo via holtwoodhipster

Decorate, Meet and Eat

Never Ask A Gal Her Age Eat In Kitchen @littleblackdomicile
photo via Cat Lacy

Table Christmas decorations look wonderful when layered with various heights.  Look at these examples of using cake stands and wine glasses.  Using everyday items in new ways is always interesting.  Get ready for the expressions of WOW when someone realizes how you have made the center piece.


Never Ask A Gal Her Age

With updated Christmas decorations, a house can keep it’s age a secret a little bit longer.  If you are new to LBD, you may not have seen the original post of this home.  We invite you to take a look now.

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  1. Wow! Thanks for all those wonderful ideas! I really like that I can do these decorations all by myself. Just a few touches will make such a festive change for the holidays.

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