A Fantastic Budget Friendly Kitchen Update

Why Do Kitchen Updates Cost So Much?

Our kitchens get a workout at holiday time.  In addition to planning and preparing the special meals and extra baking, we need to feed the masses that are on school holidays and guests who are visiting.  This is a time when it is easy to see the short comings of our kitchens and start dreaming about what we’d like to improve.  But why, oh why, do kitchen updates cost so much?  What if we show you a fantastic updated kitchen that is really budget friendly?

Wabi-Sabi…It’s Going To Be Big in 2018

Here we go.  Another label that will define a trend.  Guess we are ahead of the curve….again.  Not really, because what we do best is use common sense to help our clients create the Perfect LBD for their homes.   We start with Lesson # 1.  Nothing is perfect.

The Perfect Kitchen Update

Today there are not going to be too many glossy photos of expensive kitchens as examples.  A big fat no-no in the blog world.  Our IT guys say the more photos the better and that readers don’t actually “read” but rather look at pictures in most blogs.   However,  today we are feeling a bit rebellious and know that our readers are super savvy readers.  We want this Motivational Monday post to do just that…motivate us all to look lovingly at our Wabi-Sabi homes.  Remember this post  Does Your Home Have A Blemish Or Two?

A Caterer’s Kitchen Update

This time it really is a Before and After for only a few bucks!  This is certainly true in comparison to the national average cost of even a minor kitchen update.  As kitchen renovations go…this one looks like it was not too disruptive as well.

This is a kitchen of a caterer (yes, you read that right) in Southern California.  The article was previously posted in Houzz.  The “after” photo caught my attention first.  Let’s take a look.  We can’t see the entire kitchen, but do see enough for the chef in me to be inspired and the designer in me to applaud this accomplishment.

After The Update

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 6.40.56 AM copy.png

This kitchen offers really good function for a cook.  Counter space on each side of the range.  Sink close enough to the range to make the corner usable.  Daylight.  Almost everything you need is within reach and accessible while looking so Julia Childish.  The range…oh my this is a chef’s dream!  Especially with an exhaust hood that looks like it could suck the hair off your head!  (fish smells should be no problem)  On top of all this,  I bet many gather in this space on a regular basis to have a glass of wine and chat with the cook.  Pretty nice right?

Hold On

Before I show you the before photo let me point out a few things that many of you may think are not good to have in your dream kitchen.  (Bet at first you didn’t even notice them and are scrolling back up to take another look at the photo.)

  • There is a circa 1950 scalloped valance.
  • Looks like a similar vintage wall mounted sink faucet.
  • Hinges on the cabinet doors.  Painted hinges at that.
  • 2×4 built base for the peninsula right of the range.
  • Mismatched counter tops.
  • Old, painted cabinets.  Doors and drawers might stick a bit or may not even close all the way at times.
  • No splash at the range.
  • Skinny little big box store track light over the sink.
  • “Stuff”, small appliances on the counters.
  • A Small Space – I’d estimate it’s between 100-200 sq feet at the max.

If you had not seen the after photo, and I gave you the above list as the items that would be part of your kitchen renovation, would you be excited about a kitchen update? Probably not.  Perhaps a look at the before photo will give you even more appreciation of updating without gutting a space.

Before The Update

Screen Shot 2017-02-22 at 6.39.45 AM copy.png

In today’s heavy, visual marketing world of what a dream kitchen should look like, it’s easy to compare our kitchen to others.  In the process, we sometimes overlook the good aspects of our homes.  What’s the old saying, “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”  If you are too young to know what this means…you can ask your Mom.

Kitchen Renovations Do Not Have To Be All Or Nothing

Time for a shameless plug.  Consulting with an online, virtual interior designer before the start of a project can be beneficial in several ways.  The right designer will offer an overview of the assets of a space, often overlooked in the frenzy of project planning.  Designers with experience, can assist you to create the design you want using your available dollars in the most valuable way.  Lastly, what LBD does best is to give you permission to create your Perfect LBD.  If you are one of our clients, you know exactly what this means.  If you are not a client yet, send us an email and let’s chat.  House Whispering Services are available for everyone.

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9 thoughts on “A Fantastic Budget Friendly Kitchen Update”

  1. I love how doorless cabinets open up the kitchen space! Keeping them tidy is another issue for me.
    Nice to see a minimal restoration that saves money. SueG

    1. So many kitchens and baths can be updated without a total overall. With a good plan and an open mind you may end up with a few more dollars in your pocket considering a moderate renovation.

    1. Hardware for cabinets is like our jewerly boxes…so many choices and personal preference. Online sources, big box retailers and cabinet companies all have a vast selection. We suggest our clients buy one piece of what they are considering to “test”drive it on site. For pieces other than single hole installations, you need to keep the center measurements in mind when selecting options. See the related post below, or at this link, https://littleblackdomicile.com/2017/04/08/my-kitchen-doesnt-wow-me/ where we talk about some of the many options available. The best in quality, cost and style is really up to you!

  2. Love this post and the kitchen! A great kitchen renovation is one that stays within your budget, and creates a space you want and can use. It doesn’t hurt if it makes people want to gather there as well😉. This reno nailed it!

    1. Thank you! We feel the same and strive to assist our clients to create good design in every home. Good design is not always about how much money is spent.

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