Five Beauties To Grace Your Counter Tops On The Shortest Day Of The Year

Sweet, Spicy and Soothing Winter Recipes

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The Winter Solstice was yesterday.  The shortest day of the year in terms of daylight. Many I know prefer the long summer days with sun until late in the evening.  However, I think this dark shorty is Mother Nature’s cue for us all to slow down and prepare to spend some quality down time with the ones most important to us.

Recently, when in Amsterdam on holiday, we were walking the quaint residential streets as people were coming in from their day.  In many of the homes, the kitchens are on the ground level and have large windows open to the cobbled streets.  Most home owners bicycle into a small courtyard, go into the kitchen and immediately light candles to begin the wind down from the day.   It’s as if they celebrate the Winter Solstice everyday. Everyone is so peaceful enjoying their homes.

Friday Favorites


This week, after all our clients were tucked in and ready for the holiday, and Miss LBD became Mrs. LBD Junior (congrats to the newlyweds!), I got a terrible virus.  To all of you who emailed thinking you did not receive the Monday and Wednesday post, I apologize. I should have posted a quick note about our absence.  Another lesson in Blogging 101!

And while I have been on tea and toast, I do have some really good food blogger friends who kick it in high gear this time of year.  I can imagine any one of these (or all of these) goodies gracing our counter tops this special time of the year.  These 5 gals are expert photographers as well.  The photos are almost as good as the recipes!  Links to their sites are below each photo.

Winter Solstice Cake

Broma Bakery Winter-Solstice-Cake and littleblackdomicile

Broma Bakery

Chewy Almond Cookies

Gather and Dine chewy-almond-cookies and littleblackdomicile

Gather and Dine

Espresso Hot Chocolate

kjandcompany Espresso-Hot-Chocolate and littleblackdomicile


No Churn Peppermint Ice Cream

Goodie Godmother No-Churn-Peppermint-Bark-Ice-Cream and littleblackdomicile

Goodie Godmother

Vegan Caramel Cheesecake

Downshiftology vegan-caramel-cheesecake and littleblackdomicile


Yes, this week’s Friday’s Favorites did not look like it would happen. Thanks, Mr. Flu Bug!  Yet, thanks to a little help from our friends, we can all enjoy these beautiful photos and winter treats as we head into “planned” major family down time!

Holiday Hiatus

snow stars littleblackdomicile

Here goes, the official blog notice.  We will be taking a short break during this holiday season to enjoy all the blessings in our lives.  During our own curl up and read time, we will be catching up with all the blogs we follow.  We invite you to do the same with littleblackdomicile and take a stroll thru our archives and social media pages. Let’s make 2018 the year of Good Design for Everyone.

Travel Safe, Stay Healthy, Be Happy

Wishing You The Very Best Of This Holiday Season!

Laurel and Kristen


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22 thoughts on “Five Beauties To Grace Your Counter Tops On The Shortest Day Of The Year”

  1. We now have two more down for the count! I hope you are feeling much better and are looking forward to a peaceful Christmas.

    1. Oh no! We all seem to be “virtually” sick! Grab a cup of tea and enjoy looking at beautiful photos as you recoup. May we all wake up to a good day this Christmas.

  2. What a scrumptious post – everything looks gorgeous as usual but the chewy almond cookies are just irresistible! Thank you for your friendship and support throughout the year, Laurel and I hope you and yours have a happy and peaceful Christmas – every best wish for 2018, Lorraine xxxxx

    1. Likewise my friend! The very best thing about being an “organic” blogger is that the connections we all make are so sincere. We can’t wait for 2018!

    1. I do love almond as well. Happy Holidays to you our blogger friend across the seas.

  3. Oh, feel better soon, Laurel!! No fun to be sick around this time of year, although being forced to slow down is sometimes a good and necessary thing. Thanks so much for including me in this round up- you are the sweetest. Thinking of you with love and joy. Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you! I’ve been in pjs a few days and loving the “forced” downtown. Reading recipes as we speak. Your almond cookies are getting attention! I just love the smell of almond baking!

  4. Get better soon!!!!
    The funny thing is I always think that from winter solstice…now it’s going to get lighter every day!! Yippee!! But I also love your perspective on it!!
    PS…And you know I didn’t get this email either?? It’s so weird how some get to me and some don’t!

    1. Yes now each day gets a few more minutes of light. Good for photo shoots!
      I’ll check with the cyber gremlins again about your account.

  5. Loved it! I love all the photographs too! The tea idea is so cute and clever! Thanks Laurel! I agree too on winter being a time to slow down. This is my first year to think that and I’m definitely enjoying it more!

    1. Still fighting the nasty cold that was a gift of the flu! But Nana duties prevailed and we are having a great time. Hope your time in our sunny state was good too!

  6. So sorry to read that you have been sick. I hope that you are feeling much better and that a little rest and relaxation has you ready for the new year. I cannot wait to check out the almond cookies!

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