For The Holiday’s There’s No Place Like Home…Except

A Full Service Hotel

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

Le Germain Hotel Quebec City

Nine years ago, as Mr. LBD was contemplating retirement, we purchased yet another property in Florida.  The idea, or as I call it “big sell” on his part was to promise me that we’d travel someplace for the fall and winter seasons I simply adore.  My part of the deal is to find our temporary accommodations that at the very least are equal to the comforts of our home.  After years of creating the perfect LBD’s for ourselves at home, this is getting harder to do…especially in a hotel situation.  So when an establishment offers so many things that make everyone happy, I want to share!

Taking the great Ben Franklin’s advice, we took advantage of the downtime to do something worth writing about.

Do You Have YourMistletoe Yet?

Traveling With Grandkids For The Holidays

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

Our grands are young adults now.  For several years, we have offered the gift of travel in lieu of tangible presents.  The kids have learned to be travelers instead of tourists.  It is a joy to share our love of adventure with them and see the world thru their eyes too.  Part of the experience for them is seeing how other people live.  It’s exciting being a part of their interpretation of the holiday celebration with food, music, and activities sometimes in languages other than English. Travel seems more “real” when others are speaking French!

Le Germain Hotel Old Town Quebec City, Canada

Earlier this year we decided we wanted to travel to a city that is all about Christmas! We I wanted to be sure to have snow and to need to bundle up and be right in the middle of the winter activities.  Much of North America fit the bill this year.  Even despite record low temps, we enjoyed the most delightful stay in this winter wonderland.

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

Most hotels offer comfortable beds, just waiting to cuddle in, and premium bath products to savor.  However, to us, what truly makes a hotel stand out above the others, are the people who go out of their way to make our special time even more amazing.

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

The staff at Le Germain took care of every thing!  A delightful, come when you like (until 11am) breakfast.  Arrangements, including transportation, for each day’s excursion. Personalized dinner recommendations after a charming, all age appropriate happy hour in the hotel lobby. We have experienced similar service oriented accommodations before. However, never

A Hotel Lobby As Comfortable As Your Own Home

Here’s how this hotel is better than others.

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

All day, and night, a full service hot beverage machine is calling your name.

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

Talk about a bloggers heaven…if we can’t get a few posts underway in this environment there is something amiss.

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

Look at this simple, yet so unique way to decorate a mantel. You don’t have to touch these creamy mittens to “feel” the luxe cashmere. Warm’s you up just looking at them.

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec city

The lobby, and I am calling it that loosely, is full of over stuffed groupings of soft upholstery all with a view of the roaring fireplace. Those cute staff people pictured above have some sort of sixth sense. The fire never looses a flame!  We have never stayed in hotel where we have spent so many hours in the common area.  This is one you want to be in.  There is jazz playing in the background and live vocals some nights.  It’s hard to remember what day it is here!  In our honor, I am sure the fresh floral arrangement, complete with an orchid, is to remind Floridian’s how Christmas is supposed to be done.  Shivering Mr. LBD does not agree.  However, a deal is a deal, right?!

littleblackdomicile le germain quebec cityChoosing accommodations when traveling can be a crap shoot.  Often the photos online don’t represent reality and we end up disappointed.  In the case of this hotel, there is absolutely no way photos can convey how wonderful the stay has been.


To our grandkids, you make the world so much more interesting!

Note:  This post is not sponsored in any way.  All thoughts are my own.

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    1. Everyone- hop over to Jodie’s blog today. She ALSO talks about travel as a gift and shares where she spent the holiday.

  1. It looks lovely.
    But give me a pina colada, a white baby-powder sandy beach, the blue ocean, and a lounge chair that has ample back support (LOL) and I’m in fairy tale heaven. That’s how I spend my winters in retirement. W/O any kids, grown up or not!

  2. Well, now, I don’t want to give up my Florida winters, but I am desperate not to spend another hot summer here. I’ve never been to Quebec and I’ll bet Le Germain is lovely in the summer. It’s either Canada or Scotland, where I’m assured it is never hot!

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