If It’s Not Broke…Just Improve It

A Vintage Kitchen Storage System That Still Works


A place for everything and everything in its place. Benjamin Franklin

We depend on our kitchens to do so many things.  In addition to feeding our families and being the central hub of our home, kitchens have to house all our stuff.  And boy do we have stuff!  New ideas and storage systems come along often and are touted to change our lives.  However, freshening a tried and true idea is really what can work best.  If an idea is not broke, perhaps we can simply improve it.

Pegboards In The Kitchen



We love to help clients that live in “someone elses home” make the space their own.  The limitations of renovating while living in an apartment, or rental home, can lead to innovative and custom interior designs.  Using a pegboard for storage in a kitchen is one of these ideas.  A pegboard can be made nearly any size, can be installed (and uninstalled) fairly easily, and with a little paint personalized quickly.  But why let the apartment dwellers have all the fun?  Let’s look at incorporating this vast amount of storage into more kitchen plans.

Nate Berkus Quote About Collections



Our firm seldom promotes a trend in design.  Yet we are seeing one trend we really like.  People are cooking more and enjoying the kitchens we help them design.  Our clients are not afraid to have the items they use out in the open and we are thrilled to show how these items can become part of the decor.

Pegboards Can Add Quick DIY Storage To Existing Kitchens



Fresh Ways To Use Pegboards



Pegboards Are For More Than Just Hooks



Improvements to the accessories for pegboards range from open baskets to specific items like spice jar brackets.  And look how innovative these DIY’ers were with interior cabinet boards and shelves supported by pegboard hooks.  Love the little framed art and plant too.

The Vintage Pegboards That Inspire Us

Any foodie knows that using this type of storage is not a new idea.  All we have to do is look to the queen of cooking, and her numerous kitchens, to show us how versatile pegboards can be.







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8 thoughts on “If It’s Not Broke…Just Improve It”

  1. Love the way the utensils, etc. are artfully arranged. Aging ungracefully, I would need some identifying marks to remember how to put things back on the pegboard.

    1. That’s just what Julia did. Sharpie to the rescue. My personal dream is a deconstructed kitchen and a marked pegboard would be such an asset.

    1. Or how about we remember to incorporate the ideas that work into both existing and new kitchen plans!

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