The One Element Every Kitchen Needs Can Be Easy To Upgrade

Are You A Faucet Snob?

Sabon Home White Kitchen with Chrome Connected Deck Mount Faucet

More people dream about a kitchen redo than any other type of project in our homes.  We scroll online resources, look at endless home decor magazines and have date nights at the big box stores like Lowe’s and Home Depot drooling over the possibilities.  Sound familiar?  Choices for cabinets, counters and appliances are endless and can be overwhelming.  How about we start with the one element every kitchen needs and perhaps even start our upgrade with the sink faucet.


Faucets Are A Very Small Percentage Of The Cost Of A Kitchen

Decorpad Marble Counters and Black Splash with Extended Deck Chrome Faucet

Even the most expensive faucets are only a fraction of the cost of building a new kitchen or remodeling an existing kitchen.  Yet often they are some of the last items to select and at times the one area we think we can cut costs.  The faucet is the one item you will look at and use multiple times a day throughout the life of the kitchen.  We depend on this element of the kitchen to be on call, and perform every time we need it.  One less function on an applicance, one grade less of a counter top, or passing on a built in cabinet interior amenity can free up funds for a better faucet.  A faucet that is better quality and looks marvelous is something you will appreciate everyday.

Rohl Perrin Faucet
Deck Mount Bridge Faucet

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Friday’s Favorites Kitchen Faucets

A high arch, commercial looking faucet is a popular choice when upgrading a faucet.  You will see these types of faucets can work in islands or against walls.  The extended reach spraying is a function desired by many.  Replacing an existing, conventional faucet with one of these can change the look of a kitchen right away.

becki owens navy blue kitchen

becki owens navy white kitchen with exposed rafters

decorpad gray cabinets with white quartz top and high arc faucet


Grohe Hot& Cold Dispenser
Professional Look Faucet


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Pot Filler Faucets

So many mini kitchen renovations include replacing appliances.  We’ve all got a dream range in our brain banks.  After a guys TV, it might be the one must have in our homes.  Gas, electric, induction…we want them all!  How many times have you been to a friend’s home and had an entire conversation about a new range.  Yep, been there!  If you are lucky enough to know what a pot filler is, then you probably want one of these for that new range package.  It may take a little more planning for plumbing, and may require a rethink on a splash, but it can be a great way to upgrade a kitchen without a major overall.  I can hear Laurel now.  She is saying go for it but make sure the sink is handy enough to dump the big pot of boiling water safely!  Her ideal kitchen layout has a deep sous sink right next to the range.

christinedovey range with pot holder

Pinterest creamy range with gold hardware and pot filler

summer thornton design free standing range in brick cavity with pot filler

Chrome Pot Filler
Expandable Pot Filler

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A Pretty Kitchen Faucet

Sometimes we either inherit, or simply choose an ugly faucet.  It happens.  It’s an easy fix and one that can make us happier using our kitchen’s everyday.  Here’s one of our favorite transitional faucets.  Don’t worry if you currently have a multi hole configuration.  Most faucets you see that use one hole, also come with an escutcheon plate to cover the unneeded ones.  We are not proposing you use this plate on a new configuration where you have the option of a simple single hole installation, however, just know there’s a way to update without new counters.

Atlanta Homes kitchen with hinged accordion window to outdoor area


decor pad center-island-trough-sink and kohler artifacts faucet

kohler artifacts faucet
A Transitional Style Faucet

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So Many Finishes Other Than Brushed Chrome For Faucets

Remember the marketing push where we were all told brass is bad and we need all metals changed to a white metal?  Well we didn’t buy it then and certainly don’t buy it now.  Good designs use a mix of metal finishes.  Always have and always will.  Remember this post  Our Own Miss Metalology?  This brass faucet looks great with the stainless appliances in these examples below!

The Z Hush Blog Simple White Kitchen with Brass Faucet


HGTV Navy Kitchen with White Counter Tops and Brass Faucet

Brass is Back!

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The Touch Less Kitchen Sink Faucet

Kohler Touchless Faucet

Three years ago, we built a new condo and had the Moen Arbor faucet installed.  It worked like every other faucet we had ever owned.  Turn it on and water comes out.  While on vacation a year ago August, we stayed in a home with a touch less faucet.  Jokingly, I told Mr. LBD we needed one just like it.  Low and behold, as soon as we got home the builders faucet sprung a leak. (I swear I did not puncture it!) So of course when we had to replace the faucet I went for the one below.  It looks like our old model but boy is it better.  We chose to use the battery pack and not hot wire the sensor.  Batteries last about 9 mos for us.  That’s nine months of bliss never having to turn on the faucet manually, and one day of complaining to Mr. LBD when the batteries need changing.  So yes, I’ve become a faucet snob.


Moen Touchless Kitchen Faucet
Don’t Touch Me Faucet!

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