The Sunday Spy 1.21.18

We Spy With Our Designer Eye


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Each Sunday we’ll share a design that caught our eye and we took some time to savor.  This week let’s look at this comfy and design savvy living room via mydomaine.  At first glance we see another great example of a black & white decor…..

We Spy With Our Designer Eye….


  • Painted Ceiling that makes the Room Feel Inviting
  • Mirror that Features this Textural Ceiling
  • Black Window Trim making a Striking Statement
  • Gorgeous, Dramatic Black Fireplace with Birch Logs
  • Crisp White Walls and Like Color Hidden Storage Wall Unit
  • Mix of Outdoor Wicker, Faux Fur and Chunky Knit Blanket adding Different Textures
  • Bright Green Fresh Hydrangea add a Pop of Color
  • Subtle Task Lighting, an Outdoor Ceiling Fixture and Architectural Wall Sconce
  • BFF’s Snuggled up for a Cozy Girls Night with a Bottle of Wine and Popcorn
  • TV Incorporated into the Design, Out in the Open for many Movie Nights with our Hubby on the Rich, Charcoal Gray Sectional
  • Kiddo’s Tossing the Stripped, Neutral Pillows all Around making their own Comfy Spots

Savor Your Sunday

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11 thoughts on “The Sunday Spy 1.21.18”

    1. Certainly an option! We do think it is always creative when unexpected elements are incorporated into a design. Who knows, perhaps at one time this room was an exterior porch with the wood ceiling and an exterior light? It’s fun to look at a space and wonder about how it came to be. Thank you for your comments…always appreciated!

    1. We agree! This is what a Sunday is all about…enjoying the wonderful homes we so lovingly create for ourselves. Happy Sunday to you!

  1. I’m impressed again that you spotted with your perfect designer eye each single details that makes this room impressing and cosy at the same time. I learned again from you, thanks for that!
    With love from Bavaria/Germany, Rena

    1. Kristen gets the credit this week. Our goal for 2018 is to trade off each Sunday. It’s fun to see how much we are alike, as well as each have our own design styles. We do love using the same technique of really looking at a photo to take it all in…like with your fashion photos! Happy Sunday!

    1. And it only took us a year to settle on how to explain what designer’s love to do on a Sunday! Thank you for joining us!

  2. The design is beautiful. Looks brilliant.
    But not for me.
    I live in technicolor. I’d cry (into the hydrangeas) if I lived in black, white & gray.

    1. This is the beauty of design…it can be so very personal for each of us! Ironically, just yesterday we discussed about featuring some Sunday Spy with more color. Thank you for taking the time to comment. We appreciate your views!

      1. You can tell a lot about people by the way they decorate, dress or what they eat for a meal. Love your blog. I have incorporated many of your ideas into my own home designs. Thank you.

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