Time To Rethink Your Closet System?

What Works Best For Your Wardrobe

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While this quote is true for many aspects of design, we believe it goes double when it comes to our closets.  Or as our friends across the pond call them, our wardrobes.  As long as we all wear clothes, we are going to have to keep coming up with closet systems that work for each of us everyday.

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Do We Need A Better Closet System

littleblackdomicile motivational monday

Yes, many of us do need a better system to house our clothing and all the items that go along with these textiles.  Often, keeping a closet organized gets pushed further down on the to do list because we convince ourselves that no one sees these areas but us.  In reality, this is exactly why these areas should be a priority.  Us.  We depend on these areas to make our lives run smoothly and help us be our best each day.  What are we waiting for?  Remember this post Breaking Point about one of our virtual design clients whose closet literally collapsed?  Necessity was exactly what it took for her to get motivated and create a closet system that works for her.  We will show you some of the after photos in Wednesday’s post.  She’s much happier these days!  Sign Up here so you don’t miss the post.

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Closet Systems Can Be So Expensive

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Yes, some closet systems can be costly.  We’ve had clients that inherit some very expensive closet systems that are not working as well as their previous, well- planned less expensive systems.  Personally, we’ve worked with companies who do closet systems and have been very happy with the results.  We have also had many closets with DIY components that work equally as well.  The key to a successful closet is not always the amount it cost.  Success comes from planning, and implementing, a system that works specifically for your needs and within your budget.

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Did you have a dress up closet when you were little?  Our grown granddaughter recently mentioned  “Nana’s Dress Up Wardrobe” (boys and girls ready) we had at our house while the kids were growing up.  We had as much fun vintage shopping to keep it stocked, as they did playing with the goodies for hours.  It was a cool piece of furniture with a door that had a full length mirror and both large and small drawers along with hanging space.  Looking back, it was (and is) an ideal way to house clothing.  I can still hear the clomping of high heels coming down the stairs to show us their outfits!

Your Closet Should Reflect Your Style

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Ok, except for those crazy BFF sessions we all have when we dress alike for a special event, we each have our own fashion style.  Some of our closets need to house more jeans than dresses, more PJs than work out clothes, more shoes than Imelda.  You get the point.  No two closets will function in the same way.  But to agree with Diane, no matter what our fashion sense needs are, we do need to be able to literally find them!

When Is The Best Time To Organize Your Closet

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You don’t have to wait till your closet rod collapses to rework your closets.  Many of you may not need to do anything as your closet is already working just fine for your needs.  January is always a month when the push is to get organized and do better regarding a problem than we did last year.  Therefore, if you do want to make some changes to your closet,  practice some self compassion if you don’t get to it right now.  Make a plan, then work the plan on your time frame.  You are worth it.  Let’s reword this quote a bit…how your closet functions can set the mood for your whole day. Frustrated or Confident?  What will you choose?  Not sure where to start?  Perhaps a Virtual Interior Design consultation is the first step.

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7 thoughts on “Time To Rethink Your Closet System?”

  1. This is on our list to do. In fact, we just purchased some items to make our closet better. I do think it’s an evolution. The things in my closet change throughout the years, so my method of organization should also!!

    1. Agree…you are going to like Wednesday post too. I can only imagine what it must be like to be a fashion blogger and maintain a closet!

  2. Oh Laurel, it’s like you peeped into my wardrobe!!! I especially love the quotes you’ve used in today’s post – I’ve copied some of them down to remember them! Lxx

    1. We have peeped into your wardrobe on your wonderful blog site! Stay tuned for Wednesday’s post where we do the reveal of a client who also had a collapsed rod to kick off her closet remake!

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