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Now My Closet Loves Me!

littleblackdomicile virtual closet design

“To say my closet transformation was life changing is an understatement! I must admit it took some soul searching and motivation (thank you, Laurel) to part with clothes that were from the “working” chapter of my life. I’m very glad I did! (I did keep a few skirts just in case!) I am now so organized I know exactly where to go to get what I need every day. No more stressing out! Now on to the rest of my house!”-KO

Who Needs To Evaluate Their Closet?

It does not matter if you are a busy Mom, a frazzled entrepreneur, an employee in the business world, or a retiree with a bit more freedom…we all have one thing in common..we have to get dressed at sometime during the day.  When our closet does not work for us, it can create stress and take up valuable time each day.  Remember this post NOT ENOUGH TIME….IS YOUR CLOSET THE CULPRIT?


On Monday we reviewed a virtual interior design plan we were fortunate to work on with a client after she suffered a drywall mishap…one side of her closet collapsed.  The photo on the left shows the wall that did not collapse before the closet remake.  The photo on the right shows what happened when the other wall rods collapsed.  The Mother of Necessity put a long-awaited project into high gear.


Here are photos that show the same wall with the new DIY closet system in place on the far left and her shorter clothing organized in the finished space. Look we can see the floor!

Virtual Design Plans Include Photos For Visualization

littleblackdomicile virtual closet design

You can see the entire virtual design plan, complete with  floor plans and wall elevations, on our previous post Breaking Point- A Closet Story that we also included in Monday’s post.  Our virtual design plans also include many photo examples and links to the actual products we are suggesting in the plan.  Let’s look at more before and after photos below and you’ll see some of the items and how they worked in the plan.

Don’t Over Look Painting The Walls In A Closet To Create A Custom Look

littleblackdomicile virtual closet design

Hope you noticed that the walls in the closet have been freshly painted.  While it can be a pain to repair all the holes that previous wire shelving may leave in the walls, the newly finished walls are prime real estate for some well planned paint to create a custom closet to enjoy.   Our virtual design plans include suggestions for painting.


In the left photo you see the “natural disaster” of the collapsed wire system when the drywall failed.  In the right photo you see a mirror was attached to the outside of the entry door.  It would be really nice to have the mirror “in” the closet.


The new closet remake plan allows for a mirror to be in the closet, and adds a stool.  Handy for putting on shoes.  You will notice from the above photo suggestion board that the mirror is as planned, but the stool is a little different.  Our virtual design plans give you sizes and finish concepts to follow and yet are very flexible.  A few texts back and forth with our client and an alternate stool evolved.


In these three photos you see the wall hook bar suggested for the back of the door for hanging purses and hats.  Also the gray fabric totes with lids (plus a few patterned boxed our client had before the makeover-how nice they are with the paint color) and the bright purple open cubbies.  A directional light fixture brings more light into the closet in spots needed.


One of our favorite closet organizing product is this clear pegged board which is just perfect alone, or in groups, for hanging jewelry.  We have to chuckle at how our client saved the reminder that she is a shopper!  (you can see it more clearly in the opening photo of this post)

Custom Closets Can Be Designed With Off The Shelf Components


A custom closet plan can be designed using readily available big box and online products.  Notice how we mixed espresso finish case goods with white and chrome shelving components.  About half of our first time clients say things like “I would have never thought of that!”  Nearly all of our repeat clients say, “I knew you’d come up with something !”

We’d like to sincerely thank our client who allowed us to share this exceptional example of how working with our virtual design packages works.  We enjoy nothing more than helping all of you create the Perfect LBD For Your Homes.  When we get to share them with others, all the better.  As far as soul searching motivation…it’s always included with our design services!

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15 thoughts on “How Our Homes Can Reduce Our Stress”

  1. Love all of the elements you included in the design …. right down to the paint. I love paint and art in a closet. Why not … we spend so much time in there! Beautiful transformation as always!

    1. Thank you. Yes, sometimes we overlook the impact of paint. Selecting the right color, and location can make all the difference in a design. We will design the closets and you can help clients keep them organized! Here is Ashley’s site…she travels! In the Louisville area all the better.

  2. This is so fitting as I am in the middle of finishing my walk in closet at the moment. I have taken so long to get to it cause it’s so overwhelming for me to come up with a plan for it as it’s on the larger side. The good thing is I really don’t have a lot of cloths. Lol great ideas in this post

    1. This is why you need a virtual interior designer…we can whip up a closet plan in no time. Perfect for DIY’ers!

    1. Small closets can be so fun to design! Coming up Friday we will show some unconventional ways to store our fashions…and we all know you always show us some fantastic outfits!

    1. Thank you but we give credit to our client for working so well as a team and with our virtual design service.

  3. As an organization lover…I think it makes a huge difference to have things in places and categorized!!
    PS…responding to your email later today…I’m rushing around right now and want to think before I respond…

    1. Organization is great…when it works! How many times do we spend too much money and time without success? Plan the work and work the plan!!

  4. Beautiful design, Laurel – you must be very proud of your work. It’s amazing what a difference even a small detail like fresh hangers can make! Lxx

    1. Yes little details make a huge impact. We continue to be inspired by your minimal approach and use of a wardrobe!

    1. We’d love to take a peek into all the fashion bloggers “closets”….what fun!

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