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peeled oranges - the humble ye defiant orange

The Humble Orange Is How This Blog Started

Gorgeous color, refreshing fragrance, and an explosion of taste.  For me a white bowl of oranges on the table inexpensively adds to the decor and reminds us to take a few minutes out of our days and treat ourselves.  I like that oranges remain defiant in today’s constant on the go lifestyles.  No matter how you prepare….peeling, slicing, or segmenting….an orange takes a little time and is deliciously messy!

Little Black “”domicile”!

We’ve Come A Long Way Baby

Little Black Domicile - The Perfect LBD For Your Home!

A year ago we did not have a blog, nor did we have a Pinterest or Instagram account.  A 3 year old Facebook account was dormant, Tumbler and Twitter did not exist for us, and Google was only a search engine for not….not a place to share knowledge and ideas.  Our days at Laurel Bledsoe Design were rewarding and our clients happy.  All good right?

Wrong, or perhaps not wrong but not as exciting as they could be.  Kristen was “nudging” us into the current century.  She wanted us to create a media presence for our firm.  “How in the world does anyone ever find us?” she asked.  At the same time, Eric Seltz , a top realtor we have worked with for nearly 20 years, was encouraging us to get with it too. My response to both of them, “Clients have found us just fine for over 30 years.”  Well you can see who won this battle.

Knowing When It’s Time To Evolve With Interior Design

So here we are, with our first birthday coming up, more Motivated on this Monday than ever.  Yours truly panicked over the amount of tech learning we’d have to do, the number of hours we’d have to find in an already demanding schedule, and the underlying fear of what if no one noticed.  Well you did notice and we appreciate each and every follower!    We did not have to reinvent the wheel, we simply changed the tires.  Our design philosophy that good design is for everyone remains.  is a new way for us to share interior design ideas and concepts.  Our clients are finding it a way to be connected to us, before, during and even after a project.  Like the orange, I humbly admit I was wrong short sighted.

Back To The Orange

Our first post is the one you see above.  We were putting the finishing touches on a year long remodel for a client and needed one last piece to pull all the construction updates and furnishings together.  Exhausted and with clients on the way to see their new home, we quickly ran out for a bag of oranges.  Design wise, I love to add an unexpected bit of color that has nothing to do with the overall color concept.  We also strive to make everyday objects be part of the decor.  This is all pretty standard interior design 101 and in itself did not trigger a blog post idea.  It was when we sat around the table with our clients, peeling oranges and reliving their entire design experience, that I knew how easy it would be for us to author this blog.

A home isnot a shelter.It's your soulmate.-laurel bledsoe

Now you can share LBD via text!

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  1. Congratulations on your 1 year anniversary, Laurel! Your blog feels very well established and as though you’ve had much longer than that. Thank you for all the posts throughout the year and I’m very much looking forward to your second year. I wish you continued success with your lovely blog, Lxxx

    1. Awww…thanks! Like you, we do love what we do. Our Pinterest boards grow daily as we transfer more and more from our archives. It’s fun to see how current some of the older design remain. Good design is timeless!

    1. Some days we feel every hour and then whoosh a year is gone! Bloggers know this more than anyone. We enjoy your blog too and appreciate all the hours you put in for our benefit.

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