Interior Designs With Soul Don’t Come From A Catalog

A Home Office Evolves With A Virtual Interior Design Consultation

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“I want what you have!” – AW

During an initial interior design consultation we ask our clients a simple question.  “What is your goal for this space?”  When a client is also a friend they often have seen our homes.  They don’t really want the same things we have.  They want a home like ours that uses design concepts and theory to offer a personalized decor that works for them.  There is nothing like walking into our own home and knowing it’s the best place in the world. 

Retired, Or Not, Our Home Office Needs Change

New Construction Home Design Clean Slate

 Blunt?  Maybe, but so true in the way we often look at our home’s design.   It can be easier to duplicate what we know.  Repurposing a bedroom, to be used as an office, is common here in the sunshine state for recent retirees.  After all, we must have a traditional working office just like we had in our previous home.  We might work part time, we might volunteer, we will surely want to sit at a desk for hours and play on the internet.  We’ve got files, documents, and cabinets full of stuff we think we will need in our new lives.  News flash, we don’t need the same kind of office in our new life.  Soon we won’t even want it if we do duplicate it and we will feel so much better without all the stuff!

Traditional Home Office
Shouldn’t Your New Lifestyle Be Reflected In Your Home Office Too?


New Construction Homes Are Clean Palettes For Personalized Decor

Mr. AW, and his lovely wife, built a retirement home in sunny Florida a few years ago.  They were living the dream in almost every way with one exception…. their home office.  A new wood floor and attractive rich sofa were the beginning in creating a personalized space they could both enjoy.  Yet the room seemed dark and not turning out like the personal retreat they hoped for.


Enter Our Virtual Interior Design Package

Many of our clients love to dive in and work on their homes themselves.  Nothing makes us happier to see the finished projects and hear all about their success.  Nothing makes us sadder than to hear about the agony that can happen with choosing the paint color that must have changed colors in the can, not being able to find “the look” within a budget, or discovering that all the hours of having skin in the game only produced a design like everybody else’s.  Our virtual interior design packages will help you develop a personalized plan you can implement with confidence.  Let’s take a look at the few, very few, suggestions recommended for Mr. AW to complete their home retreat.  Bye-bye stuffy old office!

The Baby BFF Virtual Design Package

Presentation Board

SW Grizzle GrayFeature Wall.png


Learn More About The Baby BFF Here

Let’s use a dark paint to lighten up this builder beige color palette.  Don’t panic,  adding a dark contrasting element to lighter walls always works when you have the right color combinations.  Sorry Mr. Nervous Nellie, we are showing the test patches you did against our advice.  We have to make this blog entertaining!

Designs With A Soul Don’t Come From A Catalog

Yes, we suggested some online purchases and provided links for Mr. AW to be able to quickly find the items recommended.  However, using only new items, no matter how wonderful or expensive they are, will never give our interiors the feel we crave.  We need to add some soul.  The soul of a space often cost very little and comes from within.  We guarantee you can reach out and touch the things we are talking about way before you start dreaming of a new space.

The Soul Of This Home Office Retreat

Welcome “Home” Office

All peachy, but what happened to the idea this was supposed to be a revamped, new lifestyle office?  It’s skinny new self is here, loving the new environment complete with all the old pals.

“If I’d know the space would turn out like this…I would have used a virtual interior design package sooner!”-AW

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14 thoughts on “Interior Designs With Soul Don’t Come From A Catalog”

    1. You are absolutely correct. We love helping our clients create the Perfect LBD for them! Our homes design is so very personal. The only thing we want to duplicate for each of our clients is the “Wow, this is my home!” feeling every time they open the door.

  1. It’s amazing how this is just like dressing your body….you don’t want to copy everyone else. You want your clothes to reflect your personality too! Just like our living spaces.
    Great example. I may need a better rug in my office just to prove this point….

    1. You know who to call if you need a quick consultation! Check out our virtual design packages in the menu bar. It can be amazing what an hour seeing things thru our eyes can do!

    1. And that’s why everyone needs a designer on call….even for a quick consultation we can open the door to some many “what if’s”! Thanks for your comment…we love to hear what everyone thinks!

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